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  • 03 Ekim 2014, Cuma 02:10

Bilic:\"Beautiful Show Floor Currently what we can do when we \"

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Besiktas UEFA Europe League group C 2 away match was a 1-1 draw with Tottenham .

Londra news:
match held after the press conference Beşiktaş's Croatian coach Slaven Bilic , \"Very good was a match . Such a game to be part of every coach would be happy . tonight we did what we were enjoying watching us happy we have . White Hart Lane'e Manchester United , including one as a favorite you can afford , and from there received a score everyone can be satisfied . however, revealed that after the performance of this score is pleased to be impossible . match the first minutes since the completely superior , we too pass did, and an almost perfect way we played . single eksiğimiz shot find not being able \"he said .
\" pLAYER with my I am really proud \"
break their players ,\"your head is definitely tilt forward and rust continue to do , \"said indicating seer ,\"Player among'm really proud of . especially here last night received poor outcome then very important for Turkey score we got . herein taraftarımızda a great support , and we by all means be proud of a good night's lives , \"he said .
\" HOME GROUND IN aND ATMOSPHERE we have been hampered \"
Croatian coach, the stadium floor was very nice ,\"stressing that the number of players at training yesterday seemed small children . They did not want to finish the workout because the ground gave them great joy . Outside on the field this season, but the two did the two are forced due to the internal field and the atmosphere in the ground . Great play goals , the championship winning team when you look at the story of the internal field that they will see very good results . We unfortunately can not use such an advantage , so to speak, a homeless're playing . This is a complaint I'm not saying such a ground , and such a fan support is what we can do've seen , \"he said.
\"Besiktas'< strong> TE WORK WILL CONTINUE \"
Bilic, a British journalist want to work in the Premier League is the question \"where Croatia and England National Team defeated me since we are asked this question . Here'm not two-faced behavior . I'm really proud of the club's technical director'm doing great and I'm really happy . So go ahead and demonstrate the performance of my team as long as I will continue to work here \"was the answer .

Bilic:\"Beautiful Show Floor Currently what we can do when we \"" comments for.


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