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  • 23 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 03:50

Bimeks, Darty was signed for

Bimeks, Darty was signed for
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Bimeks, Darty stores to take over the assets transfer agreement signed.

İstanbul news:
Darty brand which operates with 28 stores to take over the British-based Kesa Turkey with the preliminary agreement signed Bimeks, 22 January 2014, the assets and business transfer agreement signed said.
Company's Public Disclosure Platform A (PDP) issued the following statement posted;"12/18/2013 have canceled our company, Darty brand and operating 28 stores for the takeover incorporated in England Kesar Turkey Ltd.. exclusive and binding signed a preliminary agreement to the public that had been announced. This frame side 22 January 2014, the assets and business cycle agreement was signed.
accordance with the agreement transfer fee, the shops of tangible assets and inventory carrying value will be determined based. Competition Authority will be made to contact the match, check the event of a takeover operation March 2014 until the end of completion is believed that."

Bimeks, Darty was signed for" comments for.


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