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  • 02 Eylül 2014, Salı 12:07

Bionic Ear Solution to Hearing Loss in Children

Bionic Ear Solution to Hearing Loss in Children
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Tigris Memorial Hospital Associate Professor from the Department of Otolaryngology .

Diyarbakır news: Tigris Memorial Hospital Associate Professor from the Department of Otolaryngology . Dr. Ediz Yorgancılar, bionic ear , hearing , gave information about the disappearance of .
congenital or caused the emergence of subsequent hearing loss could not be determined exactly , indicating Assoc. Dr. Yorgancılar, but doubts ; consanguineous marriages , genetics, infections, inflammatory diseases, and focused on his mother's voiced . Assoc. Dr. Yorgancılar, \"Hearing loss is born with the problem at an early stage can not be determined in infants treatment is difficult. Especially in developing countries, this situation clearly emerges. In Turkey, the baby born from the time of the screening , hearing tests , thanks any hearing loss, there is an early period is determined. particular family with hearing loss , consanguineous persons born children always hear about the necessary tests should undergo . hearing loss in children with the most important symptoms ; watching television , when invoked , when a sudden burst of noise and because indifference is . this family of hearing loss of suspected and now an ear , nose and throat specialist should be consulted . tests to be carried already the child's hearing loss whether will reveal . early diagnosis , treatment success importance should not be forgotten , \"he said .
in society , those with hearing loss and treatment of this condition is dumb that there is no formation of a false belief that transfers Assoc. Dr. Ediz Yorgancılar, \"In the early period captured hearing loss investigated and the appropriate solution options planned , the child's hearing and speech capabilities gain can be achieved. Hearing loss , currently used and their results to other treatments compared very successful bionic ear that cochlear implants the patients with daily living themselves from abstraction healthy as an individual is living . surgery and ear incorporated into the bionic ear , children's social lives any trouble taking to society ensures that . hearing loss to the world the children , bionic ear thanks to the musicians a chance to become even has . patient's ear surgery bionic ear after placing the rehabilitation work is initiated. started rehabilitation of the person who implanted the time to show interest and approach vary according to the parents . rehabilitation of patients lost the main goal is to restore or no visual features . Of course the most important supporter of this process, the patient's family and the environment , \"he said.

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