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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:56

Bird Migration in Hatay Days of Activities

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Hatay, Turkey Branch Nature Conservation Association , in order to observe the migratory birds with the Association of Hatay Smith Bird and Butterfly Observation Bird Migration organized an event under the name of Days .

Hatay news:
Hatay Kırıkhan depending on the Gazelles Quarter Area Plateau event held in Hatay Mustafa Kemal University ( MKU ) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine students migratory birds have observed .
they had organized this event become a tradition thought to bring stating that Turkey's Nature Conservation Society of Hatay Branch President Abdullah Öğünç , \"bird migration when it comes to comes to mind first is Turkey. Turkey for the first that comes to mind one of the cities Hatay is . especially soaring birds biannual migration do . these migrations during the Europe passing through our country Hatay come out of the three major point interests. Bosphorus Strait , Artvin Borçka and the Dardanelles by . European winter after spending the direction of rotation in the same route using over Hatay Africa return. Hatay bird migration when he returned a principal Belen had . done in this field of scientific studies , bird watching activities, Belen has focused on . But in the last two years, Turkey's Nature Conservation Society of Hatay branch as we do that we work in accordance with the following sections in our region , so Hatay Kırıkhan connected to Alan Highland vicinity soaring birds of the more active they use I've found . Our purpose of this event is people who are interested in this work and the attention of scientists in the district of Hatay Area Plateau was to attract Kırıkhan . Bird watching enthusiasts here in the various scientific studies, conduct bird watching activity can edit , \"he said .
Who attended the event Hatay Mustafa Kemal University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 3rd grade students Utku Erinç Yeğenoğlu , the soaring migratory birds while migration is mostly used in Hatay bird watching they said , \"soaring migratory birds in spring in the northern hemisphere , from Africa to Europe and from Europe to Asia in the fall , and migrating from Asia to Africa are using Hatay . There are now certain points ; Belen, Toygarl , the Samandağ, Kırıkhan . We are today Yaylasınd Area , we are observations , \"he said .
Held in Hatay Hatay Bird Migration Days of MK students who participated in the passage of migratory birds watched with binoculars in hand .

Bird Migration in Hatay Days of Activities" comments for.


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