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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:28

Bitlis Municipality Extends Car Park

Bitlis Municipality Extends Car Park
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Received by the Municipality of Bitlis five firefighters, two snow plows and gritters, one KUKA (Grooving), 1 cylinder, and a total of 10 vehicles, including one garbage truck Bitlis Municipality Fire Department opened the ceremony held in the garden.

Bitlis news: Bitlis Municipality received by five firefighters, two snow plows and gritters, 1 KUKA (K anal opening), one cylinder and one garbage truck for a total of 10 vehicles Bitlis Municipality Fire Department held in the garden ceremony opened. Fire Department
Governor Veysel Yurdakul Speaking at the ceremony held in the garden, followed by his beautiful work of municipalities, he said. Governor of Bitlis Veysel Yurdakul, Bitlis Municipality appreciate their work, saying,"It's nice service on the occasion came together. Mayor our congratulations. I 1.5 years in Bitlis am working. Indeed infrastructure and superstructure with the most important social service projects and our municipalities work I'm following. recently Bitlis Municipality Community Support Center we visited. Metropolitan Municipality of his capacity and beauty of a social reinforcement was. Surely municipalities most important tasks of infrastructure is to do. drinking water, sewerage, parks and city beautification by to deal with these tools in this respect the contribution will provide. But at least the infrastructure so Bitlis Council's information homes, study centers, social service centers and other projects in the partnership and therefore I thank you. doing in all projects that our mayor high compliance and volition becomes a partner. Such a high-level compliance overjoyed I . Bitlis people's welfare level in the increase of these instruments and our city in gaining great effort with municipal president, in his person city council members and thank our employees,"he said.
task when they come to the municipal vehicle fleet very great distress to live and in difficult circumstances and provide services stated that Mayor Fehmi Alaydın,"our population doubles up to serve a fleet of vehicles we have. winter conditions and geography we required to do so. Elia About 15 to 20 years there were cars. utility vehicle for long years of Bitlis and the environment to serve. Municipality as Mutki and alignment of the districts in our also offer support. these works of Bitlis, we have given. projects started to be implemented with a 20 year No special projects not have to do that. 'Cause nobody' in Bitlis stream rehabilitation, urban renewal, drinking water and infrastructure will do 'I will not,"he said.

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