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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:21

BKK Youth Council Member of the'blood brother'Campaign to Support

BKK Youth Council Member of the'blood brother'Campaign to Support
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Bursa City Council (BKK) is the guest of Hemophilia and Thalassemia Association Youth Council ( Hetad ) Chairman Dr. Specialist

Bursa news: Elif Guler Gain, fresh blood in the treatment of thalassemia great importance , launched'blood brother'campaign said they expect support from all sections .
Young people in local government aimed to have a greater say BKK Youth Assembly, to be familiar with the current issues of the members it also continues to work . BKK Youth Assembly, Head of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Hetad Specialist Dr. Elif Guler earnings brought together with the youth . Society, in June of 2013 Dörtçelik mother of patients treated at Children's Hospital hematology department , describing hospital employees and volunteers have established with Dr. Gain Elif Guler , said hereditary blood disease thalassemia and hemophilia they intended to draw attention to . Other name'Mediterranean Anaemia'to prevent the birth of children with thalassemia patients and residents who expressed their desire to provide blood supply to the Dr. Gain, \"Lifetime is very important to prevent a disease that will last . Thalassemia is the most common blood disorder in the world and Turkey. The talesemil with the measures taken in the world's births have been greatly reduced . We want to capture the same rate in our country. To struggle with nature is born not anemia and 3 week you to stay compelled to take a fresh blood . we're losing our young in the 30s . we started the project in Bursa to finish the emergence in patients with thalassemia children as an association . we also live off to find our patients continuously fresh blood , \"he said . avoidable Photo thalassemia Gain is reminiscent of a blood disease , the majority of carriers are unaware that they carry the disease , thalassemia , but when they have a child before birth or marriage, and drew attention to what they learn when they make a thalassemia test. Two carrier if she would marry the person who is 25 percent sick child birth risk for each birth Gain, \"Carrier can be passed from parents to children is hereditary and continues throughout life. The Carrier is not a disease does not return to the disease. The purpose of the test is not to prevent the marriage, carrier detect patients to prevent the birth of children. we suggest that this is why before marriage thalassemia test done. to inform the society as an association , taking premarital screening test and healthy generations we want to put the raising of consciousness. we attach importance to this context, the informational meeting , \"he said . of patients living with Photo thalassemia If you need continuous support socially dependent because of the hospital , so I trained failing to gain support of those who say they try to be sacked , the protocol stated that they received blood from the Red Crescent . Taken gain attention is not fresh blood , \"Fresh blood , 3 is daily blood . 3 one always receiving the blood is important fresh blood for one week. In addition, patients are forced to take the blood of different people each time. A cure for the disease is a bone marrow transplant. Blood from different people taking leads to a loss of 30 percent success in the bone marrow transplant. it's the same person from the blood area good chance of keeping the patient's marrow . for this'blood brother'we started the campaign. one person we aim to find a patient 10 blood brother to can give blood every 3 months. the project Bursa I believe that we will find a patient 100 blood brother . the goal is the patient's ability to continuously receives blood from the same person . annual blood requirement of thalassemia patients is 50 thousand liters. it's in the blood in a way , but fresh , stale, do not look. our goal is to bring fresh blood of patients. Each part of everyone There needs. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe and BCCI President Abraham Burkay agreed to have blood brother. the brother next to the blood of patients , sisters , we would like to be a teacher . Young people in this sense we really need , \"he said .
Most marrow were found in Germany for active stem cell bank is currently in Turkey , but carried out'Turkish-root'project stated that the deficit is closed Gain, could produce the marrow as the body of the same blood only syringe method of recalling being received marrow advised the people to be as well as marrow donors blood donors.
blood clotting disorder , meaning that information to young people about hemophilia Dr. Gain, hemophilia is a hereditary disease of the child only from the mother , and only men passed to the children recalled. self-easy bruising, recurrent and prolonged nosebleeds, intra-articular and intramuscular bleeding, post-operative and trauma, especially after circumcision intense and noted that a disorder characterized by prolonged bleeding Gain, \"In the past he was not circumcised who contract this disease. Because he met with the medication factor lacking in substance treatment abroad . One patient cost of circumcision is 30 thousand pounds. Because it is a social issue that the Ministry gave SSI payment promise. 5 years hemofol remain uncircumcised boy in Bursa. In this regard we must be very sensitive. Circumcision , tooth extraction, large preoperative coagulation tests are always done . Hemophilia is no cure . If bleeding is temporarily treated by intravenous drug treatment called factor . The patient can die from bleeding if not treated . So mom and dad to open the intravenous and we teach to administer medicines in emergencies , \"he said .

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