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  • 27 Ekim 2012, Cumartesi 12:23

Black Sea flora are getting poorer, had caught 23 commercial fish species, 5

Black Sea flora are getting poorer, had caught 23 commercial fish species, 5
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Domestic, industrial and chemical waste polluted day by day generation of commercial fish in the Black Sea rapidly running out.

domestic, industrial and chemical waste polluted day by day generation of commercial fish in the Black Sea rapidly running out. Survey carried out by scientists in Samsun, Sinop and 94 fish species belonging to 44 families have lived for 47 years in the Black Sea commercial fish species are commercially fished 5 out of 23 left. According to the study endangered sturgeon caviar, known for its extinction is depleted as a result of pollution and over-fishing, mackerel, halibut, flounder, turbot and sprat decreased, large bluefish, bonito, bluefish came to the level of the loss. whiting, mullet, bluefish, bonito and anchovy is the amount of depleted day by day.

the Black Sea, and the human impact of jeografikal position and morphometric characteristics of the seas are among the most commonly seen. Especially in the northwest of the big rivers carry nutrients significantly threaten the flora and fauna live in the sea. Pollution, destruction of marine life captured and the size of the reach of the Black Sea ecosystem, this radical change, decline in commercial fisheries speaks for itself. This is an 8 km long coastline of 350 thousand domestic and industrial pollution in the Black Sea with the rapid depletion of flora and fauna show that.

Sinop University (SU) Professor Head of the Department of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Fisheries. Dr. Levent Bat, said in a statement regarding the trial in 1965, 23 pieces of fish caught commercially in so far, but avlanabildiğini number of five, he said. Over-fishing of fish meal factories where fish are sold for the correct expression of the Prof assessed. Dr. Bat,"in recent years than ever before in the Black Sea water temperature decrease delay and average water temperature influenced the increase in the arrival of these fish shores., 2004 and 2005, the average of 350 thousand tons, 138 thousand in the upcoming amount of anchovy decreased from last year. Rapid increase in pollution, water exchange decline in fish populations, confirmed the impact of swordfish were destroyed. Whiting, mullet reduction in stocks, bass, conger, red mullet, Altınbaş, mullet, sea bream, sea bream, sea bream, bream, dentex, traça, grouper, sea bass fish for generations, such as the disappearance of economic irresponsibility result of fishing and marine pollution."he said.

the Black Sea Environment Programme (BSEP) the amount of fish caught in 1980 in the Black Sea, according to a report in 1994, 414 thousand tons to 850 thousand tons, Prof. reminiscent of fall. Dr. Bat, be noted that this figure has dropped today, 250 thousand tons. Millions of tons of discarded oil, fertilizers, heavy metals and other industrial wastes irreversible effects on living things, pointed out that leaving the SU Faculty of Fisheries, Department of Basic Sciences Prof. Dr. Levent Bat,"living marine resources in the Black Sea fisheries has a special place in Turkey. Balılar caught in the Black Sea constitute 82 percent of total production. Seriousness of the problem of small pelagic fishes in the Black Sea indicate that a significant decrease. Past 20 years of our study, the sea I've found that the increase in water temperature. This fish, reproduction, feeding and migration patterns also change. temperature increase, even if it changes, the migration of anchovy occur. anchovy eggs may alter the distribution and spawning grounds. anchovy in the Black Sea to the north, especially during the cold season, or decrease their migrations, or will stop. This means that serious damage to the national economy."gave the information.

Prof. referring to the measures to be taken

. Dr. Bat, said,"regulation of fisheries policy, the Marmara and the Black Sea pollution, ecological factors are under control of alien species such as the entrance is of great importance for the future of balıkçığın. Later years as a result of global warming, the Black Sea, along with the kind of temperature changes are thought to to changes in quantity and measures to be taken. Consequently, in our country, and a strong appreciation of marine research, marine research and monitoring policy should be established. Black Sea, an inventory of existing life forms are not available yet. Firstly, created this list of alien species into the Black Sea, the follow-up should be done."


State Planning Organization (SPO), according to the per capita fish the level of consumption is 8 kilograms per year. The world average of 16 kilograms of fish per year are consumed per person per year in the European Union (EU), the annual per capita consumption level of 22 kilograms. Compared with EU countries in terms of consumption per capita production 7 Turkey and the EU ranking last in the sequence of consumption takes place. To reach the world average of 2 times the current production of Turkey, the EU needs to increase the level to reach the third floor. Consumption in Turkey is 8 kilograms per capita per year by 2013 is expected to reach the level of 10.3 kg.

Black Sea flora are getting poorer, had caught 23 commercial fish species, 5" comments for.


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