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  • 15 Ekim 2013, Salı 12:41

Blackberry letter to customers

Blackberry letter to customers
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Blackberry, the company sent a letter to its customers were relevant in the present difficult situation, almost dertleşti


Blackberry smart phone company publishes an open letter to allay the concerns of their customers.

letter, the company"passes through a tough period", but admits that the necessary measures says .

Only a few days ago, research firm Gartner, Blackberry, customers had been advised to turn to other technologies.

Canada-based Blackberry, Fairfax Financial only bought by a consortium led by the largest shareholder has agreed in principle to be picked up.

letter released today, Blackberry, Sticky Thread"Certainly going through difficult times and face to face that we're not going to ignore or downplay the problems. Blackberry into making changes to the demanding" says.


Blackberry was once one of the leading companies in the smart phone industry, but in the face of increasing competition from rivals such as Apple and Samsung forced to protect its market share.

a revival of the new phone models failed, even when released.

New Z10 model not sold as expected, then the smart phone company in serious financial challenges this year, came across it.

was so low that the Blackberry sales in the second quarter was 934 million dollars loss.

This project has forced a major restructuring in the company. This is a total worldwide workforce by 4500 means that forty percent of the dismissal.

published a letter addressed to customers, the company says it will reduce by 50 percent the cost of restructuring through.

Blackberry is also a serious amount of cash in hand, and that debt is also working to ensure that its customers saying that.

Blackberry letter to customers" comments for.


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