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  • 01 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 14:46

Bleeding gums of junk

Bleeding gums of junk
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Denizli Periodontology Oral and Dental Health Center Specialist Dr.

Denizli news: Denizli Periodontology Oral and Dental Health Center Specialist Dr. Ahmet Mahmoud Nalbantoğlu , gum disease called bacterial plaque that accumulates on the teeth caused by sticky, colorless layer , and that layer will lead to the deposition of tooth destruction , he said.
to protect against gum disease dental plaque formed on a daily basis that you need to clean Periodontics specialist Dr. Ahmet Mahmoud Nalbantoğlu , \"teeth formed in the plaque daily dental care with the teeth if not removed, calculus or tartar, known as the structure becomes . Plaque from the tooth, the harmful products on the gums imitation causes gum, tooth connecting fibers demolition begins , gums teeth is removed. , So the bacteria deeper into the tissues progress easier. bacteria deep moves toward the female supporting bone damage begin to appear . untreated teeth are loosened and need to be removed , \"he said .
red , swollen and tender gums, teeth brushing bleeding gums , teeth easily separated gums between the teeth the formation of the range , continuous bad breath symptoms of conditions such as gum disease, explaining that arise as Dr. Mert Nalbantoğlu , \"inflamed tissues only the gums to see in the gingivitis bones yet demolition creation is the part . Patients teeth on day 2 or 3 times brushing though the record adequately take away is not effective brushing consent . Initial findings gum in is bleeding. Apples hard as fruits biting eating bleeding may occur . or pillow in the morning on the blood stain is prevalent patient must visit the dentist should be . tooth surrounding hard tissue destruction because loose teeth are seen. Finally teeth advanced periodontal treatments ( surgical procedures ) in the mouth should be kept or treatment which can not be lost if inflected treatment is applied , \"he spoke .
Finally Referring to correct known false about bleeding gums , Dr. Mert Nalbantoğlu , said:
\"by a dentist mechanically made ​​tartar cleaning and the patient made ​​by toothbrushing place of mouthwash , such as thyme juice things like does not hold. Certain intervals by the dentist made ​​tartar cleaning dental health or dental does not create any harmful effects to the health of the meat , does not cause loss of your teeth in no time . bleeding while brushing your teeth is going to say this is unhealthy gums . surely visit the dentist should be . \"

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