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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:51

Blood-curdling murder on highway

Blood-curdling murder on highway
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Usak , was gunned down on a young woman working in highway rehabilitation and nursing homes.

Uşak news: Photo Events , Usak in the morning-Ankara occurred on the highway in a September industrial inputs. According to information obtained , Fatma Uğuz (36) is the woman , who claimed to be a former lover N.Ç. (36) was killed by rifle shots in the middle of the road by 3 . Following the prosecutor's examination of the victim at the scene Uğuz Fatma's lifeless body was sent to forensic institutions. Photo murder suspect N.Ç. fleeing the scene, police detained more precise results without working out . The reason that's exactly unknown, turned to the captured suspects during police headquarters \"was the best better\"has led to confusion lyrics . The
police investigation into the incident continues .

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