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  • 06 Nisan 2013, Cumartesi 09:35

Blossom in spring Gardırobunuz!

Blossom in spring Gardırobunuz!
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Preparing for spring clothes under the bed, which throw light on which ones to remove those who need advice ... This article is for you!

spring fashions, the upper and lower parts and accessories elections, full of many exciting options. We all dream of a wardrobe for beautiful weather for shopping and have a limited budget. If you want to meet these two for their happiness, start revising work clothes purchased last year, which may seem new, which remain under the bed of a two-season, take a look.

for you, we asked what they think of some of the leading fashion experts. Here experts comments on previous years experience in fashion this year:



2.Dar Cut Jeans

3 On Heels Boots

4 Military Jackets

prepared a variety of styles for spring jacket standing, khaki, military artillery jacket may seem a bit heavy. Keep as an option, but can be used day and night, tuxedo jackets, oversized men's jacket, and Chanel-inspired selections also add short-cut jackets.

spring sine qua non

color, over-sized bag. Nothing, vibrant blue, green, or orange-toned appearance stirs up an extra-bag.
EM a piece of jeans! tunic, embroidered with an old shirt or a dress that day, whether it does not matter! But keep in your closet definitely a piece of denim.

EM White, white and white again. This timeless color kuşandığınızda, your appearance will be sailing back to hot and humid summer days.

EM a maxi skirt. long and flowing maxi skirts around your ankles, minimalist gladiator sandals and front-buttoned shirt sleeves rolled perfect stop.

About the Author: Valli Herman, Los Angeles Times a variety of printed and digital publications, particularly for international fashion, beauty and travel writings on writing. In addition, The Style Glossy Turkey 'e EM often essays available.

Blossom in spring Gardırobunuz!" comments for.


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