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BMW's new series, very ambitious fuel consumption!

BMW's new series, very ambitious fuel consumption!
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Introducing the refreshed BMW 3 series model of the engine is a low-volume, 3.16! ..

This radical change from previous

safe deposit box behind the renewed courage from the fact that BMW is a brand that sets the standard premium class. F 30 coded 3-series, new design, as everyone knows, the most serious competitor in this class 3 cm longer than the Mercedes-Benz C-series has become . Muscular bonnet, extended front hood, I'm here to say, makes the car an aggressive headlights and sharp lines. Led door handles is very stylish in the dark. In particular testing tool use, Angel Eye headlights, pull the red color and the design, you know all the attention.

interior design will be talking about the details air ducts and front console is reflected in the classic BMW lines. Chromium coatings, leather and plastic products with high quality blends great with the console. It also trims the glove body color with the same color leather seat seams and created a little fashion touches. Sticky Thread grasps the drive to be the best feature of seats . Because I really grasps the touch of a button under the seat, seat side bolsters to fit your body and can lead daraltabiliyorsunuz. This feature back pain sufferers will love it too, especially on long journeys seem .

iDrive system in the middle of the front console joystick on the center console is control. This is where the navigation system is standard on high-resolution screen. Sticky Thread Harman Kardon sound system that offers three-dimensional sound , with the ears delete. Abundant personalization options offered three series the vehicle you are completely in-sync attributes. Ceiling height is sufficient distance between the rear seat and the back provides comfort for those who ride. increasing the luggage compartment volume of 480 liters to 20 liters car removed .

1.6-liter turbocharged unit 4350 d/d at 136 hp power produces. Motor 1.6 9.2 seconds to 100 km, although good performance speed reaches. Criticized earlier 316 model, with a turbocharger seems to have found the solution to this problem. Eight-speed automatic transmission for all models by working in a manner consistent with the motor makes gear shifting. Start-Stop feature a nice function for those who transfer speed to save.

ECO PRO mode control of the driving experience along with four driving programs offered . It can be controlled with the switch; sports, ultra-sporting, comfortable and economical driving modes and means adjusted to the current psikolojinize sokabiliyorsunuz their mood.

showing the origin and acceleration agility car, 180 km/h speed of 180 km so very comfortable, but then a little hard, a maximum speed of 210 km/h . 3.16i is a very pleasant engine sound, external sound insulation successful but a little wind noise at high speeds, the problem is.

BMW's new 3-series EuroNcap, crash tests, five stars received. Recently, three stockade with a series of rolling valleys of the Army, 140 km/h and 100 meters from the vehicle tumbling and nose bleed, even as one of the three series, the security aspect of the person who would say that the best test. I remember very well how to 4 people in the vehicle were dating anyone right, watching in amazement. Therefore, BMW, and since that day I took my 5-star crash reminiscent of my testing the most robust tool for BMW.

Of course I want to give you an important message, that the seat belt in the accident I've tested the belt wearers (I'm one) are much less than takmayanlara hırpalanıyor. Even wear a belt on the way to the grocery store since then.

summary impressions will be talking about functional steering wheel accelerates heavy. Version of 316 bit stiff shock absorbers This is a normal situation, but according to a sports car, a wisp of the pits are not a problem. The fact that the suspension system and the car's aerodynamic structure counteracts skidding hard. 3.16 As with other models in the BMW, it makes you feel privileged to yourself. The interior is very good quality, simple and elegant Sticky Thread . Surrounds you and you feel comfortable seats safely. Are you satisfied with the performance, driving pleasure. It is what you get.! We can say this is the best price you can achieve. In our test 8 l/100 km fuel consumption average of 3.16 to ; EfficientDynamics engine technology, fuel consumption of 6.5 liters per 100 You can also get very good results, such as. If you want more, but may have to pay more. Turbo engine detects the accelerator pedal a little late considering all the features mentioned, though, is a joy to 3.16i car .

base price 40867 euro

54.000 euro

test tool

Technical specifications:


Displacement (cm3):1598

Maximum power (HP)/power speed (rev/min):136/4350

Maximum torque (Nm)/torque speed (rev/min):220/1350

Sticky Thread Sticky

fuel consumption

urban (l/100 km):7.5

urban (l/100 km):4.8

Average (l/100 km):5.8

Fuel tank capacity (l):60

CO2 emissions (g/km):134

Dimensions and Weight

Number of doors/seats:4/5

Length/Width/Height ( mm):4624/1811/1429

Wheelbase (mm):2810

Luggage compartment volume (liters):480

Front track/Rear track (mm):1543/1583

Curb weight (kg):1480

Orhan Beyazit

BMW's new series, very ambitious fuel consumption!" comments for.


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