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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 16:01

Bonus kardemir Goes to Capital

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Karabük Iron and Steel Company ( KARDEMİR ) AS.

Karabük Iron and Steel Company ( KARDEMİR ) AS. In his statement to the container to transfer the capital increase announced.
statement, the company's share capital of 1 billion 55 million TL 1 billion 140 million TL çıkarıtıl that said, \"Extraordinary reserves in the calculation of the 73 million 196 thousand 046.63 TL , share premium account the 11 million 803 thousand 953 , 37 TL. have a total of 85 million TL .'s capital by adding the issued shares of the ( % 8.05687 percent ) as bonus shares distributed to 3 billion TL registered share capital issued during capital of 1 billion 055 million TL 1 billion 140 million TL upgrades and increased capital represented on the shares issued document approved at the request of the Prime Ministry for capital Markets Board by invoking the necessary permits has decided to \"the statement said .
Bonus capital increase under the rate of 8.05687 percent of the publicly traded shares will be distributed to U.S. shareholders .
KARDEMİR Inc. also epiaş partners were announced in a statement , \"30.03.2013 date and 28,603 in the Official Gazette promulgated 6446, the Electricity Market Law, Article 11 established pursuant to the Energy Markets Business Incorporation to ( EPİAŞ ) with a maximum of 650,000 common shares has been decided to be \"the statement said .

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