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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:31

Bonzai Crisis in Travel Park Stairs

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Pain from Taksim Square hours before he arrived at his extended by a non-smoker had fainted young people .

İstanbul news: Travel Park teen found unconscious by police , even though the staircase was removed to hospital by ambulance bonzai against the possibility of drinking .
Incident occurred in Taksim Travel Park. Pain Doğrubeyazıt hours before coming to Istanbul Mehmet Sani Stars is a young , came along for the ride with a friend in Taksim. Allegedly, a person comes to browsing Sani Stars side trip with friends in the park handed cigarettes. Smoking inside the star, spent feeling ill suddenly fainting . Photo Travel Park located stairs in bonzai although unconscious by police ambulance was called for Mehmet Sani Stars against the possibility of drinking . The medical teams to the scene , first responders by unconscious young , teen tried to resuscitation . Mehmet Sani Stars , was then removed by ambulance Pediatric Education and Research Hospital. Photo friend beside Meanwhile, the Stars gave news of the event by calling another friend . Photo scene from Mehmet Sani Star's friend, \"they call me , I came I woke up. village haven't an hour. as you can see they give you drugs ,\"he said .

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