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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 10:06

Bonzai Dependent Young's Outcry

Bonzai Dependent Young's Outcry
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In Bursa, has fallen from the slough of bonzai tried every way to get rid of young boy with parents urged to come out .

Bursa news:
Mustafakemalpaşa 35-year-old living in the town of Jesus M, after using bonzai said that they are living a nightmare . Formerly used cannabis indicating that Jesus M, \"The last 2 years bonsai trees in familiarizing themselves of my life the wrong I've done . Past herb drank , one package bonzai gave ,'Drink this ,\"he said . I once drank a further myself, I could not save , \"he said .
Bonzai to after he got lost in his hand , indicating that whatever is in the palm of Jesus e , once this quagmire falling into crisis when a person's money to buy drugs or do anything he said. Jesus M, \"the most recent last Sunday I took . Since that day I did not drink . On Monday the situation is very heavy and crisis entered. Yet I did not get myself and the hospital took . Their parents to want to call the children with a çıksınlar . Us here in the parks I see . During the night of 11-12 year olds drinking bonzai . , I've lost everything . God bless my family and doctors . If you use your family took her to the hospital to recover , \"he said .

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