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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 09:45

Books Poetry Festival ended with Fatma Şahin

Books Poetry Festival ended with Fatma Şahin
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Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality will be held under the auspices of the 1st International Book Festival for 3 days and ended the day before .

Gaziantep news: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality will be held under the auspices of the 1st International Book Festival for 3 days and ended the day before .
held for the first time in Gaziantep until the last day of the 1st International Book Festival Fatma Şahin , Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yahya Kemal's \"Silent Ship \"was marked by a poem . Festival on the last day of Gaziantep date Tahmis Coffeeshop famous writer Ahmet Ümit and Ayhan Bozkurt poetry activity books and şiirsev they showed great interest .
Activities at every stage of involvement with supporting Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, for 3 days Gaziantepliler said they were trying to bring to book . Culture and the arts in his forehead literature, books, poetry, short stories , interviews many events such as the young generations a candle-lit voicing Sahin, \"I our young people in line with this to continue . We encourage them , we encouraged our . Especially reading and books valuing the direction of a lead we have . Hopefully more will come of it , \"he said .
Yahya Kemal Sahin then silent'Ship', a poem read. Poetry in the hall found on the side corresponding with applause . Then Ayhan Bozkurt and Ahmet Ümit their own poems read. Meanwhile, 15 units from Gaziantep Anatolian High School students Bayraktar'Gaziantep Young Poets'I hope introducing young people brought read poems they wrote . Students on the side of the subsequent poems were admired .
Indicating that the poet himself felt as Gaziantepli If Ayhan Bozkurt , Istanbul's history, culture and dining , he said very impressed . Poetry's a story should be stated that Booth, first started writing poetry that moment said , \"I'm in love during periods me an hour was a gift. But the clock battery was finished. Here after this moment I thereupon wrote a poem , I've got and writing poetry decided . O since the day my poems I write. \"
Ahmet Ümit also from Gaziantep more writers, poets , artists have had to quit stressing,\"We the youth should encourage the front ought to turn . still active today many young people have friends . these reasons a future poet or was the author . Causes an ideal Tamer or Ahmet Ümit own. we support them and we can , \"he said.
Day the second event of in , Mario Levi's literature on Özden Özsabuncu Gaziantep Food in an interview continued with . Family and his life in Turkey in Istanbul indicates the beginning of Mario Levi, the family spoke Spanish , but he also said he spoke Turkish . Pointed out that the French spoken in a family of Mario Levi , studying literature at Istanbul University between 1975-76 stating that told about the lives . Storyteller and novelist, is difficult to establish himself as a writer Mario Levi transfer , the first paper written in 1984-85 , he said. Sadecilik before a writer's writer , and stressed the need to give importance to the sincerity Levi , people overestimate their ability to be underlined that . Meanwhile, the book Festival ; Ahmet Hope , Yekta Kopan, Mario Levi, Murat Mentes , Ayhan Bozkurt , Selahattin Yusuf , Tariq Cataclysm, Gökdemir Ihsan , joined Bilgehan writers such as cotton .

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