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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:15

Born in Review Found in the construction of the State Hospital

Born in Review Found in the construction of the State Hospital
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İzmit Mayor Dr.

Kocaeli news: Nevzat Dogan, Kocaeli State Hospital in the construction field observations found .
New to-do hospital construction on the authorities receiving information from the President of nature , \"deputy'm in my career as a state hospital for the region very hard and as a result, Oncology Hospital was inaugurated . At the time, state hospital regeneration studies also were initiated . then mayor when the work've followed . Mayor after first announced as one of the projects the state hospital replacement had . herein studies by Ministry of Health is done. municipality, in the sense that interests us our city a new hospital , bringing them near the most important one the old hospital was demolished rather than a challenge and under the parking lot is done. herein emergency , with intensive care , with dializi the operating room , with service with an excellent hospital is done. Turkey's most modern and even Europe's best hospitals in our city . now we in health tourism in Europe , Central Asia, the Middle East, we are to serve . For open-heart surgery no longer need to go to Europe . Our city hospitals, these operations can be done easily , \"he said .
Oncology Hospital on the side of Forest Management from the Directorate where the new hospital's six floors and 320 beds will be learned. Currently, excavation work continued hospital 750 days will be completed and approximately 58 million TL will cost . Construction is finished Oncology Hospital outside Kocaeli state Hospital, the other units all be demolished , instead of 200 thousand cars parking in the town square to be carried out . scope of the project is already in the emergency room in front of the Police Department's buildings destroyed were reported.


Born in Review Found in the construction of the State Hospital" comments for.


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