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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:52

Boron Road Opened to Traffic

Boron Road Opened to Traffic
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Nigde Governor Necmeddin Sword kept his promise .

Niğde news: Nigde-Bor Road The University of intersection with TOKI junction between the 4-kilometer segment was completed and opened to traffic .
Weekend held a mini opening ceremony of Nigde Deputy Governor Haji Ibrahim Turkoglu, the newly opened road Nigde beneficial to the people wished .
Turkoglu:'Nigde-Bor-lane road between the two x3 construction Nigde and Bor has a separate air times . The past year we have faced serious difficulties . Dear governor from the day of inauguration is followed meticulously . We have paved the way towards the past . Junction with the University of intersection between TOKI are opening portion . Spread belief among our countrymen in the public Niğde:'This year does not end this way'he. Mr. Aydin Construction and Highways of the governor during his meeting with the officials'ordered the opening of this road on Monday . Aydin did its part construction . Our Governor and our state was not mentioned anywhere . Nigde wish to be beneficial to our people , \"he said .
Aydin Construction Site Manager is:'Nigde-Bor road junction with the University of TOKI 4-kilometer section between junctions have completed and are open to traffic . Mr. governors and deputy governors with our request we got a little more forward . Because we promised we'd grow . The remaining four miles of the University of Derbent by the intersection of the intersection will be completed at the end of the remaining portion . Nigde get better , \"he said .
After the speech, the Deputy Governor Haji Ibrahim Turkoglu Nigde remove barge traffic the road was opened to traffic .

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