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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:29

Bosnian women from Ümraniye Municipality Crafts Education

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Ümraniye Municipality , Yunus Emre Institute and Cultural Center Fojnica Fojnica Municipality crafts exhibition and an awards ceremony was held with the collaboration .

İstanbul news: Took Turkish handicrafts completed the training Bosnian women certificates. Photo Ümraniye Municipality and Fojnica Municipality in collaboration with Fojnica Cultural Center in the felt making carried out with intensive training , ribbon, embroidery and marbling courses ended . Ümraniye Municipality vocational courses in the official art educators in Fojnica Cultural Centre , weekday children every day for a month , young people and adults were given regular art education .
To introduce traditional Turkish handicrafts , Fojnica'l of young people and provide jobs for women courses were carried out in order to do it for free. The materials used in the course the trainees were also given free by the Ümraniye Municipality . Crafts exhibition and certification program , Ambassador to Sarajevo Jihad Erginay , Fojnica Mayor Salkan Mercaniç , Ümraniye Deputy Mayor Mesut Ozdemir, Fojnica Cultural Center deputy director Yunus Cunedioğl , teachers , trainees , and many guests attended. Program after the
opening speech , continued with guests and instructors to present the certificates to the trainees . Vice President Ümraniye Municipality after the certificate ceremony Mesut Ozdemir, Ümraniye was presented Municipality on behalf of the protocol gifts and then performed the opening ceremony and ribbon cutting.
Several tables with ribbon embroidery classes in the exhibition , tablecloths in kind ; mat classes with bags, hats, vests and so on. various products souvenir style took place. Short period of time trainees stated that they learned a lot from this project's realization of who contributed to the first Ümraniye Municipality , including , Yunus Emre Institute, and Fojnica thanked the municipality. Photo Exhibition opening after the program cocktails and the guest with the day of Ashura occasion by Ümraniye Municipality with the offering of Ashura ended . The exhibition will be open until Friday, November 14 for the visitors.

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