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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:52

Bosses in Alacati,'Random'said

Bosses in Alacati,'Random'said
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Organized with the support of the City of Fountains 8 Alacati International Fishing Tournament of the leading names in the business world in the morning'random'he said.

İzmir news:
held for the 8th time this year with the support of the Municipality of Cesme Alacati International Fishing Tournament, the third day of the amateur fishermen fishing, began in the early hours of the morning . Europe's largest in a short time , become one of the world's three largest fishing tournament in the tournament last year's record breaking 70 shows the success of the boat were 300 contestants participated . This year, the previous year's record broken in the competition , 76 boats and 330 amateur fishermen struggling .
in international waters fished
Berent Akdemir, Jennifer Çarmıklı , Mahmoud Özgener, Alexander Atakan , Prompt Gurel , Reza Light, Turgut Konukoğlu as well as the business of the leading names brings together Alacati Fishing Tournament competitors and each other , and the Aegean Sea waves as well try to catch the fish with a hard fought . Turkey and Greece territorial waters six miles offshore in international waters held the championship winner after a day will be organized races and then will be held award ceremony will be evident.
is growing every year
Alacati International Fishing Tournament, participating in boat and the number of competitors increases every year that inform the Mayor Muhittin Submersible fountain in the tournament, not only from Turkey where many countries including Italy and Greece from the register of competitors , he said. Calm down with the end of the Eid al-Adha holiday Championship Fountain Submersible President said that animate the streets again , \"Fishing , shopkeepers and hotel businesses brought back to the feast ,\"he said .


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