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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ocak 2014, Cumartesi 02:14

Bostan:"Economic Genocide Scholars are Incurring"

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Turkey and the Turkish Education You Istanbul Provincial Chairman Kamu-Sen Asst.

Turkey and the Turkish Education You Istanbul Provincial Chairman Kamu-Sen Asst. Assoc. Dr.. M. Hanafi Bostan academics goes to the worsening conditions of life, try to resist, said:"We very clearly we can say; academics systematic economic genocide is undergoing. Sciences dedicated to the life of this treatment never deserved,"he said.
Turkey Kamu-Sen and the Turkish Education You Istanbul Provincial Chairman Asst. Assoc. Dr.. M. Hanafi Bostan university of our country's most important building blocks are recalling,"our country in the international arena in all areas to compete, age catches, scientific research and production with the name to be talked about but powerful university and his science dedicated to academics and it is possible. Today at the point the professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, lecturers, research assistants, in short, all academics all alone have. YOK's authoritarian structure academicians almost crush, that democracy in name only where there is scientific studies based on objective criteria could not be assessed, university employees thinking of a free format can not explain, academic advancement, the obstacles are put universities, no longer a stressful work environment has become. All these developments together with academicians with low wages to run the world compared to their counterparts from the financial aspect discredit be producing science of their own renewal in front of the biggest obstacles constitute"he said.
academics increasingly severe conditions of life, try to resist stating Bostan ,"academicians, this year held in collective agreements also ignored goes, economic loss compensation for the little improvement there has not been. currently very clear we can say, academics, systematic economic genocide is undergoing. Sciences dedicated to the life of this treatment ever does not deserve,"he said.
Bostan written statement contained the following statements replied:
"Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, the 5th İzmir Economy Congress of faculty members receive salaries that are low to criticism participated in this matter other public employees compared to the improvement of the situation should be said. Thereupon academics hope was, injustices would end thought, but the lightning all academics AnlArImIzA hope that the words stayed in the air. because the bag Law scholars AnlArImIzA time did not appear. This Şimşek's words sincere, whether academics were duped reveals. Hope mongering to those who, academics is located within adverse economic conditions, disregarding those they have implemented, result of wrong policies of academics almost square addresses indicating to ask:Is this is a strong economy? These Does rights and justice? Academicians in 2014 123 € outside, no increase will be made in 2015 to 3 percent +3 as funny a hike rates to make do with will have. 2,014 in child benefit, family benefit, maternity, death benefits, additional payments, additional courses, overtime pay and compensation in any way will not increase, inflation differentials also be given. all of them on the bag law the academicians' salaries any improvements be made cup last straw was. these countries in recent days on the agenda, as our country billions of pounds for the rent of their surroundings being given away that have emerged. these countries shoebox in the nation's money stash is made. these countries day to day corruption with the news is shaken. Country governing the duty of corruption to justify one, or nationalities stolen money of the account to ask Is? Disturbingly science staff made this treatment is never acceptable. Mr. Prime Minister, we ask:this country's resources are still people in this country spent on it will not be whom will be spent? academicians not to see, hear their crying to Why do you resist? Academics AnlArImIzA the treatment soak up how sindiriyor do not need a research assistant 2 thousand 395 £, The high degree of professor's four thousand 729 € Getting the world's powerful nations to take place between Turkey aims yakışıyor Do ? academics discredit the Turkey's discredited mean that not right? Nobody, 'Budget permitting unknown"can not say, academicians against the account book would not exist. should be noted that the world almost every country of the academic staff, the best-paid working people, creating in Turkey academic staff financial troubles to live in this country, those who govern is a shame. therefore political power of this shame, academics salaries by improving cleaning. this manner, the bag law academics ignore those who condemn. that those responsible should know, academics two-hand side will be on."

Bostan:"Economic Genocide Scholars are Incurring"" comments for.


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