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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:58

Botas Cup

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Turkey Women's Basketball League ( TKBL ) Botaşspor teams organized this year by the 11th ,'Botas Cup Youth on the third day of Osmaniye , Abdullah Gul beat University 79-52 .

Adana news:
after the match competitions evaluating Abdullah Gul University coach Ayhan Hunter, \"First of all, here a nice tournament we live. league we to start at left. Everybody weaknesses and what adjustments should be where all the teams decide . Beautiful organization. To do this, Botas Sports Club'What , suspended and Adana Metropolitan Mayor Thank you very much . from our perspective, if we look , we match to win or lose on oynamadık . Obviously this preparation period, a lot of things differently we have to try . because our team three poles used players we now not with us are late, will participate . We also other players can actually lead without our players the league to prepare the right roles, we need to give a tournament was. I think it's for the purpose of passing . today's match is very different defeats have received . less used players in our time we wanted to give . because 4 days important I think the most important thing in this tournament an intensity to stay healthy, I think that at the end of the tournament . We will play next week in Kayseri Erciyes Cup Tournament will be a full team we have to play on , but he really won the tournament . There is nothing much to be said here . In general, I'm satisfied with my team . But as I said, if you say Are you ready , we're not ready . We have a little more time . First, we need to be fully staffed . But there is nothing to do now , as I said in the . You are getting a useful tournament . I now believe that very useful . I wish success to all the teams in the league , \"he said .

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