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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:49

Both the teacher cried I cried Both mines were martyrs

Both the teacher cried I cried Both mines were martyrs
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Somalia mineral martyr Tayyip KPSS teacher and close friend of the festival is The Contraband , the feast day visit and wept at the grave of his friend and cry .

Manisa news: The text said that the highlight of their summer reading Tayyip Festival at the grave could not hold back their tears .
Eid al-Adha in Soma entering the tomb early in the bitter sadness remains unabated . On May 13, the resulting disaster in the mine after being released from his friends to the rescue again quarry entering and funeral latest released miners , one of Tayyip Festival's teacher and close friend, said Vurgun friend's last day told.
Disaster took place May 13th from the previous night Tayyip Festival along with explaining that stress, said:\"May 12 evening we were together . Opinions were . Motorcycles a fault in her removal was trying to . Motorcycles in the failure to resolve an hour we struggled . Happened somehow . most recent I said, leave it not do .'is that okay tomorrow morning, go to work, I can not ,'he said . wish I had not done the work in the morning had not gone . next day it was an accident after Tayyip television saw . Televisions saw the house we found some relief , others sad , but we own close we saw the house we relieved. fussy to where the accident happened in the mine went . a day passed , Although we have not seen him for two days passed did not come home . later we learned back to rescue his friends entered . He was one of the latest . It was the 300th person . To save his friends entered. Kirkagach which was that the pain was taken to his funeral . Burns is in a state of recognition was for 3 days . This sacrifice was made ​​for something . I was that day their experiences after seeing something for them I wrote . \"
Friend and student Tayyip Festival at the grave lap son Taha Contraband with Somalia for miners summer studying what these Vurgun said:
\"This country who ? We have forgotten the Dardanelles . For us, we have lost more than 250 thousand youthful Dardanelles we forgot our people . There hearts ablaze with love of country people have forgotten that running burned to death . Orphans , the homeless , the main've forgotten our tears . We shed our blood in this country , saying fronts in Yemen , Palestine, Iraq , the Caucasus front forgotten. Sarıkamış'ta take a single bullet from an overnight freeze as snow flowers have forgotten their native son who died . Dark years , disasters , earthquakes , Cyprus've forgotten . We forgot the games being played on us . Now come to Soma , bring your children . Here, dreams , hopes, hearts bury youthful miners to announce this country we to say cry out . \"
The Vurgun read the text with tears while completing the surrounding citizens also cry . Son Taha emphasis father hugs to cheer worked.


Both the teacher cried I cried Both mines were martyrs" comments for.


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