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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:25

Bought Izmir Police , Aydın Police Makes Its Ads

Bought Izmir Police , Aydın Police Makes Its Ads
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As a murder suspect in the kidnapping and killing of two people wanted in Izmir in 1996, Aydin Aydin Izmir experienced by individuals could be captured by the police.

Aydın news: Issued to a local court in Aydın A. T. is 18 years from the party scene after he was sent to prison. According to
information obtained, Aydin Umurlu Hüdaverdi living in the borough A. Tekin A. kidnapped bagged after a farm taken to torture killed near involving the event Embedding Kula district of Manisa EC alleged Aydin in 2006. 1 He was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Assize Court. Long time that the search learned suspects Izmir were brought to justice captured in Aydın by the police. Photo Izmir Aydin police claim the success of the police , the suspects said they have detailed information about the incident , they said that was delivered to the court. Face decisions Photo duty the court read AT arrested 18 years after the crime he committed 25 years old 43 years old Aydın E Type Prison were sent to the scene .

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