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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 14:50

Bowers , Ali Babacan said:\"We Need to Consolation \"

Bowers , Ali Babacan said:\
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Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( ACCI ) regular council meeting was held in July .

Antalya news: Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( ACCI ) regular council meeting was held in July .
Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( ACCI ) held every month of the regular council meeting July ATSO Chairman Çetin Osman Budak session was chaired . Bowers made ​​the opening speech of the meeting's agenda in Palestine and Gaza, the Israeli government who had lost their lives by being exposed to attack . Very close neighbors ordeal wearing struggling attention they Budak, oppressed besides stating that they said:\"Very close around us, our neighbors ordeal thumbnail dressed struggle . Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Gaza, very violent collisions and cruelty . Especially in Gaza also persecution must end . Fan behalf of me and our organization on behalf of all her death curse . We as a country oppressed always next we need to be . Disproportionate force there. particular media interest in a case where it comes . \"
Other negative events due to injury, noting that Turkey's image Budak, despite this negative image of Turkey's tourism numbers grow by so drew attention to the moment . This image of the better places to come for the Culture and Tourism Ministry called Budak , continued as follows:\"Turkey damage the image comes so many times through social media alerts've been on . Countries image as a serious wound are in position . Antalya their specific location due to the topic of tourism is extremely important. these negative perceptions tourism figures reflected Does . viewed when looking at tourism 7 percent growth. especially in Central and Western European countries or stable there or in decline . sticker in the tourism sector how important it here can understand . Countries occurring this negative judgment by the state of Culture and Tourism Ministry hand needs to be organized . \"
in his speech, olive groves about 25 acres below where the olive groves will not count evaluating the decision Bowers previously as the room give an opinion stating that by olive groves, a relevant environmental file to be opened , he said. About the environment is a problem in Antalya tourism would negatively affect indicating Bowers , said:\"Olive the 25-acre spot under the olive groves numbers mAyAcAkmIş . These olive groves with a lot of times our room view was transferred. Especially in Antalya for thousands of years olive is made . Mountains in the two thousand years the olive has . Why such a restriction brought I do not know . olive groves about the environment file needs to open . environmental encounter any problem , today held in Antalya tourism is it possible you have to ask. \"
in the summer, the economy stagnated , indicating that Budak, businessmen in the fall to be careful recalling that must minus 17 percent of the credit card market in the summer , he said. In recent days about the economy responsible for the economy , Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan any information not received indicating Bowers , Babacan's markets and economy-related consolation to the requirements stating that said:
\"economics and much to say about nothing actually summer that becomes stagnant usually . in October, $ 85 billion will be reset. every month, the U.S. Federal Reserve $ 85 billion was paying now , this will be reset. else surrounding tensions , taking into account the fall a little more careful we need to be . Jewelers sector and furnishers with our friends talking. Credit cards already work significantly pulled down . Installment shopping 17 percent minus writes markets . these will go like already current account deficit, we are a country . especially the market these days , a voice from expect . Ali Babacan come to us regarding the markets giving information . currently, many sounds. at least then by way of consolation we needed'd say . \"
Assembly meeting, then the winning prize was given to women entrepreneurs

Bowers , Ali Babacan said:\"We Need to Consolation \"" comments for.


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