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  • 11 Ekim 2013, Cuma 16:37

Boya de facto social media success

Boya de facto social media success
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Elephant paint, the best use of social networks among the 50 brands most popular paint company in Turkey was entering.

the best use of social media in Turkey

Digitalage magazine survey identified 50 brands Filli Paint , Sticky Thread Facebook , Twitter , Instagram, Vine companies using networks such as the list of the best was the only brand of paint.

since 2011 in an interactive way using social mediums Filli Boya has reached to 150 thousand people in 2012, the number of followers on facebook. Sticky Thread Social media have launched a number of successful applications currently reaches 335 thousand followers. 13, with over a thousand Filli Boya Twitter follower Instagram'da photography contest launched benimreklerim hashtag'leriyle full # 36725 and # hayatinrenkleri photos shared.

Sticky Thread Sticky

Last ad campaign"Get Color from life, what is there to back!" publication Filli Trending Topic on Twitter as soon as the paint in a short time became one of the thousands of users Most Discussed by the positive comments.

In the list

Single Paint Brand

Digitalage Socialbakers magazine and world-renowned social media measurement company with MeaMinds Filli Boya study revealed the list is the distinction of being the only paint brand.

Filli Paint, since his followers into the publication; ingredients for products, decorating tips, offers information about the effects of colors and their meanings. Sticky Thread shares of Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as in daily life, will continue to offer a variety of advantages and opportunities.

consumers to familiarize yourself with the world of digital media Filli saying that the chance of making communication more targeted and Paint Corporate Communications and Public Relations Manager Selda Long:"In the digital world, rather than exposing experimental approaches to new platforms and applications are taking bold steps. Sticky Thread to be in this list, the only brand of paint, let us show that this situation was not a coincidence. ,"he said.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus , LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, and finally bukombin.comin the Filli Boya, interactive channels continue to take part in different projects, and colorful.

Boya de facto social media success" comments for.


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