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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 16:14

Bozdağ:\"All Muslims of Al-Aqsa Mosque Common Shrine \"

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Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, saying the CHP , the MHP slogan , the AK Party has said it produced work .

Yozgat news: Photo Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, Yozgat Kadışehri joined the district in 10 districts of the state hospital with the opening ceremony of the congress party . AK Party Kadışehri County Speaking at the Congress , Justice Minister Bozdag, the AK Party by stating that the difference between the other parties, \"the CHP generates words , produces MHP slogan , the AK Party produces work . In heroism when you look barbecue ashes do not leave , you just listen the MHP's what they say , believe you are this country ever divided a thousand times. we have broken down , we split , we were dispersed , have a saying that they more than we went to talk ? none. Or something hostile , something the enemy , inside our outside we do not again have a word out of his enemy full. What you're gonna do . CHP look there do not , \"he said .
find a solution to the terrorism issue ongoing for 30 years in Turkey, the blood to stop , to soothe the tears, the more strongly the language of peace to establish brotherhood permanent Bozdag explained that efforts to make the ruling , he continued as follows \"I ask us critics . you will finish how a terrorist , please explain , what we are doing wrong, what right you have suggested , please declare it in Yozgat and Turkey's human , what suggestions you hear that? \"Photo \"could solve the Turkey terror issue with the security guard policy if , within 30 years could handle it , \"said Justice Minister Bozdag,\"the state of emergency was declared , applied the law did not apply all times . If measures taken in the name of what has been taken . So it's settled in what was the point we have reached Is not settled. Then we say we need to end the terror , we need to stop the blood , the tears we have to cross. If you need to nor do it for him we do, we said let's put our body is not our hands under the stone . \"The president's Photo Issue and explains it,\"I hemlock poison includes my peace the peace of this country , for the tranquility'said reminding Bozdag, he continued as follows:\"The body of our we put it under said this move , our number's prime minister says the same thing, we say the same thing . I'm asking the other , what you're saying . We say we can solve this issue by doing the following . Solution process step he throws , we express we can take other steps . But oh MHP , what do you propose to do to end the terror , would you say the proposals of the Turkish nation , my government as we hear it . They do not have anything proposed . Do you know what they do , make sure they are not a part of this country that ignores the politics in their heads . They're talking tough for him. No egg crates in the back. Mr. Prime Minister , they always express our president . Mr. Garden , Yozgat and go as they roared in Hakkari , Şemdinli , kükres or Yüksekove . Ore no country. Go Sirnak ora country is not doing political work. Adam does not go there. But the AK Party cadres both in Sirnak , Hakkari we do politics in both settlements in all areas of each country. \"Bozdag explaining that Turkey's AK Party Photo of the cement , \"Turkey is combining the AK Party . If you AK Party in front of your eyes how a getiriver painted in a color choice of the east and the southeast of the map if you get out of the Turkey's politics. That is why we are staffing holding this country together . Here also I call , some of the heads of the political parties of the country , may be divided politically , in some provinces , some areas may ignore their inhabitants . But this nation states in his politics also never let the divisor be otherwise and will not occasion did not , that no one should be concerned about , \"he said .
SOLUTION PROCESS OF COUNTRY THAW PROCESS IS NOT , the country's Photo Solution process dissolution process is stating that Justice Minister Bozdag, he continued as follows:\"the solution process of Turkey's unity , provisions are kept of , the peace , public order , you facility of public safety is permanently established, a sense of the peace of this country on each side that life should be normal is the process of implementation. We have our unity , our provisions are kept , we are trying to arbitration , we are trying to destroy the thousand years of the trenches in the face of legal fraternity . The flag of this country , the law of might, force everywhere are trying to be thick and times. We are in his endeavors and efforts . But, unfortunately, others say other things. We have so much in vain to drive the martyrs of our nation because they bore the suffering of our people, our citizens , they bring sorrow to the agenda. We say that until today no mention muazzep the spirit of our martyrs , we also subscribe to the no job. But unfortunately, there are those who abuse it . Those who abuse the blood look for him, to those who abuse the tears, those who exploit the suffering , do not believe it do not those who abuse the funeral of our martyrs . \"Bozdag explaining become a fire of Photo Turkey's around , said:\"Syria is burning , Iraq is burning , Ukraine it Notice in Greece island of tranquility in the midst of economic fire fire so have a country . This country is Turkey, thus fires if not spread to this country if that country unmixed , unblended , it is not planted in front of the fratricidal most important reason for understanding of this nation of saints , common sense , and the other reason for the masters of Turkey's captain is Tayyip Erdogan master Recep . Disturbing , uncomfortable and he did not interfere in Turkey . Restless and uneasy and he could not stir Turkey. We did not sleep , pitting brother brothers do not they sleep. We will continue not you slept , you'll continue to restless. Turkey and to damn the enemies of this nation will continue thereafter . We have the unity of this country , provisions are kept , peace'll make it through the establishment of peace . From now on , no one should be concerned about . Turkey will continue to stand by the right to be the voice of the right always and everywhere. \"Photo Aqsa Mosque PARTNERS THE TEMPLE OF ALL MUSLIMS Photo Masjid that Aqsa was the common temple of all not all Muslims are only Palestinians Touching Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, said:\"in recent days, the community of Muhammad's first kıblegah Israeli soldiers entered the Masjid Aqsa boots with insolent soldiers . Qur'an al-karim have defiled the altar were hurled to the ground , threw tear gas bombs inside the courtyard and turned to the battlefield. Audio output from the few countries in the world . There are a few vocal country, but has been the most lush sADA the country , Turkey has been the Republic of Turkey . Our President , Prime Minister, us, our government that has cursed cowardly attack and were once again reminded them that here the whole Ummah of Muhammad's shrine. \"Photo Masjid al-Aqsa just Bozdag explaining that the common temple of all Muslims is not the Palestinians , said:Photo \"He made ​​every attack is an attack on all Muslims made ​​to the temple . Every insult is an insult to all Muslims made ​​made ​​there. The state of Israel should give punishment to be arrogant to the soldiers. Masjid-i-Aqsa burns to touch everyone . Maybe you are not aware of it , but we say it here once again co-Aqsa Mosque are the property of the whole world Muslim , is the common temple, is the first kıblegah . Here facing each vicious attack , which hit the meanness of it , and gives them greater harm . You speak to you against Israel when he called anti-Semitic world have criticized some democratic countries . I'm asking now , Masjid which gave Muslims the earth securities Prophetic , Masjid Haram and Masjid mosque , one of the trio from evening to evening this dirty boots with entering cowardly attacks which the Israeli government is making the need for soldiers did not incite been fueling anti did Semitism . When this happens many people criticized the anti-Semitism that what is happening infamy they do. All Muslims when this disrespect to the shrine of the Muslims of the actions that will drive were found in the meanness , nobody , why you are provoking Muslims , why say words to incite hatred of Jews , you are doing things he does not criticize the state of Israel . Turkey's President , Prime Minister spoke when they say why are you talking. So do not call me , they say that those who meanness to you why are you doing such an infamy . \"Photo church or synagogue attack though Bozdag telling the world could stand up, he finished by saying:\"So a church that made, a synagogue that BEEN PERFORMED another temple to BEEN PERFORMEDquiet tracks like this . Not follow . But you're looking at , said the Israeli soldiers flagrant , brazen attacks when everyone is silent. The whole world shut up , we will not keep silent . We will continue to tell the truth right . This nation will continue its path with the permission of Allah. World in peace and those who want peace , tranquility and this should remain silent in the face of the sayings and acts of peace bombs . If the return is an important cause of the fire instead of the Middle East issue and the issue of Palestine, it is the approach that ignores all kinds of crimes of Israel's spoiled child playing the role of the United Nations and the Security Council. We hope that after such incidents would not . \"

Bozdağ:\"All Muslims of Al-Aqsa Mosque Common Shrine \"" comments for.


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