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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 23:20

Bozdag:The solution process is not the calendar, the calendar as an attempt to persuade to give

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Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag, threats, rejection, giving an assessment of the terrorist organization PKK, were found in the process.

giving the speech about the history

Resolution Process is not the right approach Bozdag,"History provide, as an effort to convince. walking there is a process. everyone has to be precise. process, not a calendar.'ll take time."she said.

Bozdag, Habertürk'e important comments on the agenda published in the Capital Agenda program.

Bozdag, the program also expressed his views on the Solution Process."The process is not a calendar.'ll Take time."Bozdag said that Turkey has fought for 30 years to eliminate an issue such a situation it could be two days, I did not.

Kandil descriptions, emphasizing seen as the correct explanation Bozdag, said :"B is not the right approach to talk to u by date issues. Posted provide, as an effort to convince. Walking process there. Everybody has to be precise. Explanations From there you can see if we need to look healthy at the time of this process. process in itself will convince many segments. process, weapons, entered a period of not speaking. Akil people received the demand for our people, it was good. Turkey lands of the members of the terrorist organization continues. But they are not out. these are also important. has an output rate of 20 percent. This output should be complete. reached so far he is not at a desirable look at the point in the middle. Turkey is extremely important to leave the territory of the members of the terrorist organization. This necessarily take time. So far, the 'Withdrawal complete, it's done' was such a description., such as the Prime Minister said, as a result put forward. terrorist organization, expectations point to leave the territory of Turkey did not materialize. BDP'lilerin not, as they say, numbers."

"democratization will take steps we need to take"

voicing the government is sincere democratization Bozdag,"held talks with the BDP. Us what we've done, though aware of the partial I'm guessing that they are. Aside from that, 'If this is not going to do it, who will do.' does not mean the right approach. Such statements express our approaches have a positive affect. issues such as democratization will take steps we need to take. We do this for them to be true. We are the steps we took yesterday, we'll assign it a day. Otherwise I'll assign it. because the interest of the nation. organization, if other things, of course, staying within the law gives the government the answer you need. ensure the safety of the citizen, the first duty of the state. safety of life and property of our citizens to protect, stand. Our business that is ours. We did not give up now. terrorist organization, what do you do if such a debate, I would not see the right."he spoke.

"ATTITUDE IN SYRIA illustrate a fundamental"

Bozdag in our assessment regarding the situation in Syria, the Syrian policy steps undertaken by countries, drew attention to the need to assess their own interests around . A place where people were killed, and stated that the exhibition there is a principled attitude Bozdag,"in Syria, people have to put forth an insight into survival axis. Had similar situations in the past in Kosovo and Bosnia, the UN declared safe areas of the region, 10 thousand Bosnian brother was subjected to massacres. Therefore, our present purpose, our people should cherish. Political will, when accounts are suffering from the results. died at people, instead of acting tactically, within the framework of the ideal of human survival needs to deliver."he spoke.

"Sectarian stance TURKEY NO"

Turkey's Syria policy, too,"the events in Syria, from the person looking at survival."Bozdag outlining the form of the government stressed that it is not a sectarian perspective. Bozdağ speech, al-Assad regime in Syria, and his description of a party's support for Hezbollah, which also spoke of."Killing people, will never be a religious justification."Bozdag said,"Your brother is right to kill his brother to see who is right understanding is not correct. Religions takes the rule of survival. Islam commands not to kill, no matter what religion, and race. Such incidents, a number of religious movements to explain the false."said.

" 28 S. FEBRUARY OR IF perpetrators of crimes should be prosecuted"

Bozdag program, the proceedings started today 28 E February announced that the views of the investigation. Bozdag, descriptions of the expansion of the investigation and criminals should be brought before the court, he said.

of the judiciary from the front of the case, pointed out that the material reality sonuçlandırdığına Bozdag,"public prosecutor's office has opened an investigation. Thread has gone to court. Suspects, the case of the accused. Court expansion in the direction of the investigation may take decisions. Our wish is to reveal the material fact, if you have committed crimes, was the decision of the court."she said.


Bozdag speech, the assessment found on democratization package. Reminded of the Theological School of the study on the package, Bozdag, said :"R is a political issue in uhban school. Discussed the issue on the agenda of Turkey. Turkey is not an issue. We meet the needs of non-Muslim citizens We took important steps.comes to the problems of the Muslims living in Greece. Lausanne agreement, arising from the appointment of the mufti's Muslims had issues. But, mosques and care unavailable in Western Thrace, the muftis atanamıyorlar. now a law regarding the appointment of imams out. Muftis performing the appointment of a commission. guaranteed by the Treaty of Lausanne on a matter, made the case that the EU member states. Turks rights, there is a decline. Foundations goods have significant distress. This issue is a political issue in this respect. them, I need to consider. They If we do not we have he does not take steps, would not be right, I have an opinion. thereafter Turkey will take steps to be true. But we can not ignore the Muslims there in the future."

"Turkey should not continue to carry Alevism PROBLEM"

scope of the study, the regulations also touches on Alevism Bozdag,"Turkey should not continue to have this problem."she said.

for the regulation of the rights of the Alevis, and lodges were issued in 1925 on the Law of the need to live in Turkey, underlining that a healthy debate Bozdag continued as follows:"D Let Çelebi, Discipleship, Seyitlik, how many adjectives used if you have brothers and sisters in the flame, such as paternity, the law prohibits. prohibit the issuance of these services. service providers, given imprisonment and a fine.'ve said it before, and lodges in a healthy way in Turkey continue the discussion on the Law is required. the one hand, the law says,"Dedelik prohibited. On the other hand' salary should be given. 'is called. Grant got. This law of right and wrong, a separate discussion. standing here this law, the salary still given. How do you do under other names. I'm talking to you. workshops or speak about it. joint approach to the law, do not talk. Proposed thing:the grandfather nitelendirilerek under another name, it is an opportunity to ensure, on the basis of an intervention, such as the essence of Alevism It sounds like to me. because you are changing the name. grandfather's name is unchanged, we give a bad thing? would be good. But at this point, not an alliance of changing the Law and lodges. Dedelik Is Forbidden Forbidden.'re there for?'re there. Dedelik was not? No. Have you been banned sects? No. Is not open the tomb? discussing this law should scare us off. seeing this law, is to take steps, such as missing steps. Steps for discarded discarded. need to find other formulas. else to find formulas, rather than taking steps to hurt anyone whether ratings does not."

Bozdag:The solution process is not the calendar, the calendar as an attempt to persuade to give" comments for.


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