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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:03

Bozok University Guest House was opened

Bozok University Guest House was opened
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Yozgat Inns Bozoklar University academic and social facilities were inaugurated with a ceremony .

Yozgat news: Photo before Yozgat Abdulkadir then a modern social facilities and Yozgat to the opening ceremony of the guest house converted into a guest house of the Police Department made ​​after transferred to the used and Bozoklar University of renovation and repair work printer , Mayor Dr. Kazim Arslan, University rektörüprof Bozoklar . Dr. Tamer Ucar , apartment managers , university staff, joined representatives of political parties . In his opening speech of the ceremony Photo Bozok University Rector Dr. Tamer Ucar , University many years needed a social space stating that the happiness of being attains , Inns and social facilities only social venue, a local restaurant, not need , such as at the same time , he said given that the accommodation provided. Guest renovations done in the home and interior furnishing of 1.5 million pounds of goods stated that President Fly, \"guest house suites and regular rooms from consisting of 23 rooms , a cafeteria, a restaurant, a breakfast and dining rooms, which includes the in-house social facilities such as the game room of our University Inn And social facilities for our students the opportunity to practice and who are undergoing training in the relevant sections of the university , as well as will be providing social hardware , \"he said .
later, speaking Yozgat Mayor Kazim Arslan in the Bozoklar university is a proud occasion for Yozgat , highlighting Yozgat as a municipality on behalf of being a city of education and universities said they will give every support . Photo Yozgat Governor Abdulkadir printer specifying Yozgat per unit beautification would mean a total quality means by \"Bozoklar a university growing University . every day there is a noticeable increase in the number of students. As a matter of Yozgat be attractive to faculty and students. Yozgat be met with the teaching staff and the public , I believe would be beneficial in terms of integration and social facilities of the Inn . Particularly beneficial for our Yozgat our province and our academic staff of this facility, which will meet a significant social impairment, and I hope to be lucky , \"he said .


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