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  • 01 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 13:55

Bozok University was chosen

Bozok University was chosen
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Following the announcement of the Graduate Placement Sonuçları'nı OSYM Bozok University 57 students were localized in three thousand.

Yozgat Bozok University Rector. Dr. Fly Tamer, based on the results of the placement of students prefer Bozok University 3 thousand 57 students, faculty, and up to 94 percent occupancy rate reached high school, he said.

President flies, in a written statement,"In the past year the number of students eligible for university education 2 of 3 thousand 651 thousand, while 57 percent to 15 percent this year reached a record number. 2013-University Entrance Exam placements as a result of the faculties and schools was 94 percent occupancy rate. additional quota this figure will increase slightly. started the march towards becoming a college town While a rapid pace, both in the academic and administrative staff as well as continue to grow rapidly."he said.

basic science departments of universities noted that the decline in faculties of science and literature, especially flies, he continued:"This is a situation similar to the decline in our university the show itself. This year, physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics at the university as well as universities in many parts of the student intake Higher Education Council (HEC) as the quota given by the center. On the other hand, faculty of science, literature and history and Turkish language and literature at the ongoing training activities achieved 100 per cent occupancy rate of parts. mathematics section of the yoke appeals was required for the purchase of additional quota student placements."

Bozok University was chosen" comments for.


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