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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 15:12

Bozüyük City Council Assemblies Creating A Work Begins

Bozüyük City Council Assemblies Creating A Work Begins
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Founded in Bilecik Bozüyük City Council, began creating works council .

Bilecik news: City Council recently a Photo Enforcement have made the Board the task section of the meeting , by the Children and Youth parliament Mustafa Flow and Ismet Mobile , Ayse Kalkan of women council , Disabled was decided created by İsmail Çelik the council. Met with President Muzaffer Tekelioğlu City Council for the creation of parliament from Disabled , Disabled Bozüyük also began working with the president of the Association of Steel Ishmael . Disabled plenary council with the participation of at least 5 to 35 people with disabilities is expected to consist of a general meeting. Disabled volunteers will serve on the council to represent every segment of society is expected to be composed of people . Living in Bozüyük and Bozüyük City Council disabilities are requested to apply to those who want to take part in the council .
City Council Disabilities council council president election will be held after the General Assembly created will also be created executive board made ​​the executive board elections. Bozüyük City Council President Muzaffer Tekelioğlu , in his statement , explaining the organizational goals , \"We mainly of public and private institutions and organizations living in Bozüyük to carry out this work, civil society organizations , political parties , unions and chamber representatives, the district will be created for residents we want the council and take part in the working group , \"he said .

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