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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:58

Bozüyük City Council Views

Bozüyük City Council Views
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Bilecik Bozüyük City Council Executive Board members have made ​​several visits .

Bilecik news: Photo Bozüyük City Council Executive Board member of the first visit to the district Garrison Commander, Maintenance Major Alper Koç , the second visit of District Governor Koksal Şakalar , and later the District Education Manager Hüseyin Silver to , finally, the Mayor of Fatih Carers'either they did. President of the City Council in Photo Visit Muzaffer Tekelioğlu , providing information about the organization and functioning of the city kkonsey asked their support. In the mission field in a hot environment , it stated that last visit to the city council to support . City Council President Muzaffer Tekelioğlu said in a statement, \"Bozüyük City Council with the participation of institutions and organizations representing the regulations after the local elections the city council president and the executive have selected board members , determined that the city councils of the three names of the executive committee members offered by the mayor consists of general secretary. city ​​councils ; dissemination of democratic participation at the local level , the development of citizenship awareness , provide multi-partner and the adoption of multi-actor governance, and ensuring sustainable development , to identify the main strategy for the solution of problems arising in this area , implementation and monitoring to provide a common mind of the creation covers the whole city , the city's nature , history, cultural heritage, tourism values ​​and socio-economic life of the strategy in nature to integrate identification and introduced to ensure the city's determination of priority between policies that will form the basis of sustainable development and solutions will allow the production to create a consensus environment , participation, democracy and reconciliation culture developed to contribute to the institutionalization of civil society, by identifying urban priorities together with people to share it with the public and practitioners , children, youth , women , and to increase the effectiveness of the disabled in society and to support efforts to ensure their active participation in local decision making, the city council of views that are created in the meeting , particularly city ​​council , including ensuring delivery to the relevant authorities , effective Kent resources , efficient and has been established in order to contribute to fair use , the district will continue to work with the support of the people. \"Photo educator-author Muzaffar Tekelioğlu established under the chairmanship Bozüyük city Council in the executive Committee of the Bozüyük TSO Chairman Mr. Grant Levent , Gürsu TSO Parliamentary Speaker Bronze , office clerk You Provincial Chairman Mustafa Flow , Newborn the mayor of Heroes of Pearl , New Quarter Headmen Ayse Kalkan, President of the Association Bozüyük Disabled Ismail Steel and Sakarya Gazette and UAV Bozüyük representative İsmet mobile is taking place . City Council General Secretariat carries out the task of economists Levent Knob .


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