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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 17:01

Bozüyük \"Happy Birthday Special \"Program

Bozüyük \
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Bilecik in Bozüyük , organized by the municipality and the County Office of the Mufti \"Happy Birthday Special \"program has seen great interest by the citizens .

Bilecik news: Bilecik Bozüyük county, municipal and county Mufti organized by the \"Happy Birthday Special \"program by citizens saw intense interest .
In Republic Square , mehteran show and Quran Quran recitation , starting with the program , the Mayor of Fatih caregiver , Garrison Commander Maintenance Major Alper Koç , the district police chief Rights Guner, deputy mayors , Provincial Assembly members and citizens attended .
County Mufti Burhan Cakir, here in his speech , Happy Birthday Week lived a full life that they expressed , gave information about the activities organized . In particular, \"Bozüyük Messenger of Allah is reading the book\"reading contest Prophet introduced very helpful in explaining Cakir, \"So my dear brothers I believe that this community of peace how come that's mercy prophet's life by reading his morality learning his life by living in the society of peace will come abundance will come mercy will come brotherhood will come love will come peace will come , \"he said .
Then speaking Mayor of Fatih Babysitter 14 of the same since April Bozüyük Happy Birthday Week because with the activities organized citizens mufti by the disclosures made ​​recalled. Caregiver , \"all of them the Messenger of Allah recognition that we need to understand . Look when every Muslim's Qur'an Quran there . But we are her only to high places are putting and then the special day of our feast our funeral of our pick reading're trying . Here Mufti of us actually Prophet introduction to God, our faith is literally alive for our time and support him so that we may our prayers be accepted for such events are held. We Quran Holy Quran in whatever must claim and also in our faith all about setting these feelings must share \"he said.
after the speeches, \"the Messenger of Allah Bozüyük reading \"contest-winning students and adults were given awards . Program divine beloved artist coming to an end with a performance by Abdurrahman Önül Mayor of Fatih Caregiver Önül ceramic plate was a gift to commemorate the day .

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