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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 17:38

Bozüyük Ordinary Assembly of the Municipality of May

Bozüyük Ordinary Assembly of the Municipality of May
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Bilecik Bozüyük in the regular meeting of the Municipal Assembly in May was held under the chairmanship of Mayor of Fatih carers .

Bilecik news: Bilecik Bozüyük in the regular meeting of the Municipal Assembly in May was held under the chairmanship of Mayor of Fatih carers . At the meeting in order to take urgent measures to bed Karasu party consisting of representatives of the Water Commission was created.
8 of the agenda items discussed at the meeting written by the MHP and CHP groups were given additional proposals . The first agenda item in accordance with the standards in the municipal norm staff work done pursuant to the revised list of staff and the ruler of the municipality needed information during and after their interviews and was accepted unanimously . Nuray Katrancı in 2nd agenda on behalf of the charity Katrancı Zia's son to make a place to demand the fountain was discussed. In interviews after the advent of the fountain is not beautiful according to the standards specified by the zoning commission to be made to the designated location was decided by a unanimous vote . 3rd zoning commission agenda item was referred to the zoning issue . In addition to the members of the council on such sales was decided to authorize . 4th of agenda items and income and expenses in the 2013 final accounts and final accounts of the discussion was moved . Following the discussions in the rating of the CHP group rejection, in the direction of the MHP group abstained from voting. Income and expenses in 2013 and moved to the final accounts of the final accounts were approved by a majority of votes . 5th agenda at the council's existing debt closing , equipment purchases and will perform projects to co-finance domestic and foreign banks, funds, credit institutions and other financial institutions donations , grants, debt and project loans for the negotiations and agreements made ​​on the Mayor Authorizing the subject was discussed. In interviews CHP and the MHP group opposed to the Mayor be authorized wholesale . Some of the projects and the amount of investment by the authority in granting opinions stated separately . The rating of the CHP and the MHP group game against the AK Party group's refusal to accept the vote to authorize the Mayor of Fatih Caregiver subject was adopted by majority vote . An indoor market place trades on Article 6 of the citizens of the parking space to park vehicles subject was discussed. Handicraft artisans reminded that created a separate parking area for parking in these areas for the implementation of sanctions was authorized by a unanimous vote . Zoning commission referred to in Article 7 of the topics to be discussed were made. Article 8 in the planning and budget commission were referred to the bus terminal entry and exit fees were interviewed to determine the topic . At the end of the negotiations, as it is stipulated in the law by the number of seats in figures ranging from £ 4-10 to determine entry and exit fees was decided.
Then additional motion was passed to the parties by groups . The first proposal issued by the CHP and the MHP group Karasu beds were interviewed about the proposal . Talks on a bed of Karasu highlighted that there are great difficulties in the coming years could be faced with a shortage of water was emphasized. Mayor of Fatih Municipality Association of Carers Bilecik these issues raised at the meeting said . Caregiver , \"Karasu is a shortage in bed and told the court ruling does not apply . These areas should be protected as a nature conservation area in the direction I've been in the application ,\"he said .
the negotiations on the proposal of the party after the group decided to form a committee in this regard . Deputy Mayor Hayrettin Eldemir , Dogan Bronze, Aksu and Ismet Coskun countries formed a water committee was established.
CHP group by talking about the university council meeting councilors to university in the past Mehmet Aytas oppose formation of a perception among the public that direction and it's not true , he said. Aytas , \"We are opposed to college, why not research being done ,\"he said . Finally, given by the MHP group
municipality's debts , receivables, zoning, permits , contracts and other similar issues written notice regarding the issue of motion unanimously accepted.

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