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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 14:30

Bozüyükl of young people with Kolpin Costi

Bozüyükl of young people with Kolpin Costi
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Bilecik's Bozüyük district, municipality , and Kolp organized by the Turkish Folk Music Group took the stage , the concert saw intense interest .

Bilecik news: Bilecik's Bozüyük county, municipality organized by the Turkish Folk Music and Kolpin Group took the stage , the concert saw intense interest .
Bozüyük Mayor of Fatih carers by beginners 2014-2015 academic year to receive an education of the students release stress and training period in order to prepare the new Kolpin morale and Turkish Folk Music Concert was held. Speaking at the concert program Bozüyük Mayor of Fatih carer of a new academic year will be beneficial to students and the educational community wished . \"Our lives, there are important points ,\"said President Caregiver , \"We in the education of you in the education of the major contribution that your teachers love and respect for defects we do not want you to . Certainly all of us has goals , these goals this valuable teachers attained as I believe ,\"he said.
President Carers students a better education in order to make their best they do , explaining he continued:
\"All of our schools as we can , as far as we are working . Currently full 3 in our school synthetic field are doing. Sevens in the neighborhood of 2 units , Victory Elementary and Health Professions High School in the garden , Metristepe Elementary School gardens synthetic field are doing. and share with it the Bozüyükü all over our neighborhood this year, all the educational community put to use synthetic pitches are doing. Cultural Center, we currently in the construction phase , the final concrete that we are taking.coming year If you share our event here in 2015, now we have a huge crowd here of course , but the theater has a seating capacity of 600 persons up to concert events in our Cultural Center will host all our guests . Our youth activity areas and green spaces have made the internet completely free . On September 4, Cemaledin rooted in the park , the bus station , the square is turned Yeşilkent there also will be free and unlimited internet for our young people . If a mishap at building the foundation of our university now being taken within 1 month . 8 thousand square meters, we have a building . God grant it if I hope that together we will succeed and Bozüyükü our four-year colleges as we will give . \"
Republic Square concert organized program , Bozüyük Mayor of Fatih Carers his wife and children along with attending , the Deputy Mayor of the District Public Education Director celalettin Tospatl , the AK Party District Chairman Mesut Cetin, the AK Party Provincial Assembly members Oguz hard and citizens attended the meeting.
program as the first stage Bozüyük Municipality Turkish Folk Music Choir beautiful than the other 20 songs sang. Bozüyük Municipality Turkish Folk Music Choir Conductor Mehmet Uysal solo edit and 19 frontman has joined \"Folk Songs Festival \"at the same time the 2014-2015 season choral studies at the start were granted . Ministry of Culture, researcher and artist Abdullah day's guests participated in the concert program from Kirkuk Rumelia , Ankara region of Diyarbakir up to 20 different parts of the song took place. folk Songs Festival with nearly ears rust deleted following all songs to accompany a beautiful night spent .
Then young people awaited the Kolpin music groups take the stage with entertainment culminating in the night , Kolpin loved all Bozüyükl songs for fans said. Young people singing in unison, accompanied by the concert experience an unforgettable night of fun at the fullest .
Program also Mayor of Fatih carers , artists expressed his gratitude for the beautiful presentation of flowers and a plaque was presented .

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