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  • 31 Ekim 2014, Cuma 12:58

Brainstorming in Karaisalı

Brainstorming in Karaisalı
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Karaisalı organized by the District for the first time \"brainstorming \"the county's agricultural and livestock issues were discussed at the meeting.

Adana news: Karaisalı organized by the District for the first time \"brainstorming \"the county's agricultural and livestock issues were discussed at the meeting. Photo Karaisalı Council meeting held in silence and the National Anthem began with the Wedding Hall said. Speaking at the meeting Karaisalı District Governor Mehmet Tunç, Karaisalı's , stating that a district that between 250-270 thousand according to the TSI data migration , agriculture and animal husbandry in the area told what they are here to discuss the making . My Governor employment improvement of the county , which means the making of a Bronze , thanked the participants. Photo Adana Agriculture and Livestock Director Hamid Aygül also in Adana response to the lack of Karaisalı the county population in his speech that there is a high district of the specific weight and, therefore, Karaisalı stressed that they had a special importance. Aygül , noting that the most successful organic and good agricultural practices in a district of Adana , Adana , accompanied cinevision later and told Karaisalı conducted in rural and economic development practices . Aygül , \"Karaisalı the greatest potential of agriculture and livestock breeding . Fruit should be increased. My specific suggestion should be given to less water wishing viticulture work ,\"he said . Photo Karaisalı the Mayor Felicity did Aslan himself is expressed as an agricultural engineer , the county the most important source of income of the economy is based on agriculture and animal husbandry , said the troubles in this subject and also know the solutions . Leo , as the increasing migration of livestock and farm incomes in the county as well tourism can be prevented , said they would spring at the base of the project to be prepared in this regard. Photo Karaisalı Food, Agriculture and Livestock District Manager Hüseyin Tunaz giving the numbers for the county's agriculture and animal husbandry in his speech, \"Karaisalı Do they stream sufficient for our district no, because more work , more produce , we will move to the district our higher ranks . taking into account the valuable opinions of you by selecting a strategy with common sense and put targets for the next 10 years , we will try our might those goals , \"he said . < br/> Karaisalı Mayor Felicity attended the meeting at the invitation of former district Governor of Lions Yilmaz Aydogan , in small towns like Karaisalı proposed the örgütlenil to benefit from the support of rural development. Aydogan want a model to be developed in Karaisalı about it, \"In this regard, the district has a study of our municipality. When ripe will be shared with the public ,\"he said .
Then Karaisalı Governor Mehmet management of the Bronze Food, Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Hamid Aygül County Chief Hussein Tunaz , Karaisalı Mayor Felicity did Leo and the Chamber of Agriculture President Mahmoud gave answers to the questions of the participants by text .

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