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  • 06 Mart 2013, Çarşamba 11:02

Bread, bread waste Vakfıkebir proposed solution

Bread, bread waste Vakfıkebir proposed solution
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By the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock waste of bread, bread waste prevention campaign launched to take care of"breaded Vakfıkebir solution came from.

next to the gigantic size of

notable for a long time with bayatlamaması Vakfıkebir bread, bread with 15-20 day freshness protection against waste is one of the most important alternatives.

Vakfıkebirli furnace operator Balturk Yusuf, on behalf of the festivities once an important alternative means of reducing the wastage of bread bread Vakfıkebir that attract attention, said:"In recent days, the agenda for Vakfıkebir the bread does not apply to waste. Because we are wanting so Vakfıkebir and the Prime Minister can not be a waste of bread are produced. bayatlamadığı Our bread for a long time is not extravagance. Our people daily bread given by a loaf of bread and consumes a weekly or monthly basis."he said.

Vakfıkebir bread Balturk providing information about the properties, said:"The bread is able to maintain the freshness of 15-20 days, if appropriate storage conditions. addition, our re-heating system, freshly baked bread or a buharlatma can be used. however, may be wasted through no fault of your own storage conditions. Others are not able to have any waste."

Vakfıkebir Ekmeği'nin pointed out that the homeland Vakfıkebir Balturk, "Quit This is the winter port. This place is a product-specific natural conditions. manufacturing is done in some parts of Turkey, but will not be able to attach Vakfıkebir produced quality, such as 100 percent. Weather conditions at the time of consideration would be 80 percent."he said.

Bread, bread waste Vakfıkebir Proposed solution

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