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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 12:06

'Breakaway'new'events hit in Sports

'Breakaway'new'events hit in Sports
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Spor Toto Super League teams playing in Mersin infrastructure İdmanyurdu'nun families of the players , bench petition'Kopani'event Southeastern and Eastern provinces because of their children asked them to go to the match .

Mersin news: However, the club's Turkey Football Federation (TFF ) and his correspondence as a result of the eastern provinces currently in events ends and the match be canceled not post arrived.
Isidor's Kobani'nin attacking wishing to protest the PKK supporters last 10 days, many cities in Turkey started in action sports hit. Many in the events business, car , public and private buildings were damaged, and many citizens were killed and wounded . This event İdmanyurdu infrastructure that plays in Mersin on the families of the players bench petition , the children wanted to go to the match in eastern and southeastern provinces . Acting on this club , TFF wrote about the situation . TFF is currently outside Diyarbakır in all provinces of events ends and matches can not cancel that they would shed wrote .
\" MATCH to have to go \"
on the subject UAV reporter said on the Mersin İdmanyurdu Infrastructure Specialist Trainer Sadat Hazımoğl , the family events because of concerns the formation of the expression, \"It concerns known by events . U-14 , U-15 and U-16 age group athletes'parents of the children to go there on there were fears . that's why'our kids if this way events persists there not opt ​​for sending'they said. Indeed,'we federations necessary petition can , \"he said. us the necessary notification did . we parents these concerns federations have been notified . Federation came to us from the last post that this week we would go in Batman tranquility of the environment to be suitable , games are played, and the match could have informed us that they could not cancel .'s why we have to go . Already gitmesek delete points , fines will be reflected in subsequent penalties may be the team to have to go . Currently in Diyarbakir matches this week has been canceled. Diyarbakir is outside the matches played in all provinces , \"he said .
Hazımoğl also mentioned the problem of infrastructure ,\"Our biggest problem our facility. Facility shortage would be resolved when the city of Mersin football factory . All other provinces are trained footballers . Our facility is not for the amateur teams out in Mersin plant is sending players to the football team . However, even though none of them does not go out of our establishment . Talent is a province with a high potential in terms of Mersin . Currently Mersinli not have many players who play professionally . If the facility is a little more interesting in terms of the relevance of increased interest from Mersin many players . One of the biggest challenges of the economic subject tesisleşme some problems. When we take care of our economic problems, we come to a very important place . Of course, some investments in facilities needs to be done next . Infrastructure should have its own budget . If necessary, a separate management infrastructure should be. They are always a strong team with the infrastructure used by other methods. If you believe this is the success of the future , \"he said .

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