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  • 17 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 10:29

Breakfast Children's School Achievement Increases

Breakfast Children's School Achievement Increases
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Hospital dietitian Mary from MyBB Xinjiang Iron , according to research higher levels of success in the classroom of children having breakfast , the less the risk of disease , he said .

Ankara news: Hospital dietitian Mary from MyBB Xinjiang Iron , according to research higher levels of success in the classroom of children having breakfast , the less the risk of disease , he said . Iron , nutrition bag carefully warned parents about preparation .
pre-school and school age children continued growth and development , indicating that quickly Dietitians Merve Demir, the difference in height and weight in short time intervals are reminded that the changes observed . Each child nutrition program, their age , height and weight according to the healthy growth and development to ensure the list of diet form must be stated that the Iron, \"Breakfast for a long time one night hunger after the ending of the energy taken again to be the most important meal is . Schools of his life with the start of the morning children's early removal skip breakfast cause can be. done a lot of research to school with breakfast to children's success breakfasts those who do not much higher than that show . Studies show that breakfast makes children's classroom achievements higher risk of getting sick less . more research is making breakfast in children obesity prevalence is more shows. 9-year follow up in a survey breakfast makes children's daily calcium and fiber procurement is greater than has been reported . breakfast done so balanced with content that is also important. dairy , eggs, cheese as well as protein-rich foods tükettirilerek and growth and development should be supported , as well as a feeling of fullness ensured'he said .
Dietitians Merve Demir, school-age children in healthy nutrition on the following information gave
\"school-age children, the period that is the most moving . So good energy needs must be met. In this circuit, which is our main source of energy is engaged in carbohydrates . But carbohydrates are also very important choice . Glucose the brain needs fuel that enables the blood sugar balance, basic nutrients our , as well as sugar and refined ones tooth decay , obesity causes , as well as with obesity in later life diabetes ( diabetes), blood fat levels rise ( hyperlipidemia) , high blood pressure (hypertension) and predispose to chronic diseases like heart . All of these reasons lunchbox contents should be prepared carefully . Cheese , grilled chicken or meatballs , abundant greens sandwich on whole wheat bread prepared , can be placed next to the milk or buttermilk . \"
Canteens should be limited in SHOPPING According to research
of children who snack He stated that consume less junk food , \"in Search of children sold in the canteen fatty, salty and sugary foods in order to redirect to the necessarily small lunchbox snacks must put . Homemade fruitcake , cheese pastry or cookies made ​​with oil seeds , fresh and dried fruit, such as walnut-hazelnut-almond snacks between meals can be provided for an alternative . Sold in the canteen and attention to seemingly innocent drinks . Fruit juices , sodas, and because of the additive is carcinogenic in both high and triggers obesity by providing empty calories . Therefore snacks children in the canteen , buttermilk, milk, and if you have fresh fruit juices to take should be directed , \"he said .
LUNCH BOX sure to put the water
children go to school as essential to water giving and thus stressed the need to acquire the habit of drinking Iron , said:
\"of children to adequate and balanced diet should consume from the four food groups . If you consume a meal of vegetables at other meals do meat, chicken or fish should be consumed one . First day of school age children 2-3 cups of milk or yogurt , fruit and 4-5 servings of vegetables , 1-2 slices of cheese , 3-4 eggs per week , two servings of meat-chicken, fish and legumes consume at least 2 times a week should be provided . Loss of appetite, eat small amounts of food to choose from and to consume is a common problem among school-aged children . During this period, the insistence against your children , do not eat , and another child on the stubborn benchmarking . The amount of food rather than the contents of the children is important. Healthy eating habits , children's school and social life, fitness, success brings . It should be noted , however, take time for a change in habits .''

Breakfast Children's School Achievement Increases" comments for.


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