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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 12:36

\"Breast Cancer Awareness Month \"

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Lokman Physician Hospitals, \"Breast Cancer Awareness Month \"to draw attention to breast cancer and raise awareness of the scope in order to contribute to the'Pink Ribbon'activity was carried out .

Van news:
Lokman Physician Hospitals and all the employees working in the male-female patient was fitted pink ribbon lapel . Lokman Physician Hospitals of October, the \"Breast Cancer Awareness Month \"proclaimed the World Health Organization and the projects executed by the Department of Health to support health professionals consisting of a special \"Breast Cancer Information Team'oluşturdu.ekip , especially colleagues , including hospitals patients who and relatives of patients lapel breast cancer awareness symbolizing the pink ribbons taktı.etkinlik , Lokman Physician Health Group within Xinjiang , broiler , Van, Hayat Hospital and Arbil Diagnostic Center at the same time gerçekleştirildi.sağlık by the Ministry to provide financial support \"Breast cancer Awareness Month \"events Lokman Physician Hospitals in October, will continue throughout .
International Cancer Research Agency (IARC) published by Globocan 2012 according to the data in Turkey the most common type of cancer among women in the world is breast cancer . Deaths from breast cancer in 2012 compared to 2008 increased by 14 % ; This constitutes death is one in eight of all deaths . Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Department of Public Health in Turkey according to the data of the age-standardized rate of breast cancer is 40.6 per hundred thousand . Considering the age distribution of 42.5 % of the cases seems to be between the ages of 15-49 . Turkey breast cancer age-standardized death rate is 9.7 per hundred thousand , respectively. For a woman with average risk of getting breast cancer risk throughout life and death risk of 2.3% is 7.8% . Risk factors include increasing age , family history of breast cancer , early first menstrual age , late menopause, nulliparity not , nurseries and buses, obesity, alcohol consumption bulunmaktadır.sağlıkl nutrition , regular exercise , such as healthy lifestyle behaviors, risk reduction may be effective in . However, the early diagnosis of breast cancer screening for these cancers and deaths from the disease are the most effective method in reducing the frequency .

\"Breast Cancer Awareness Month \"" comments for.


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