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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 20:19

Breath İnciraltı Urban Forest clearance

Breath İnciraltı Urban Forest clearance
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622 acres in an area once used as a place İnciraltı rubble dump , was transformed into a magnificent city, given the length of the thousands of trees in the forest today.

İzmir news: Izmirliyan escaping from the stress of city life , İnciraltı most breath taking of the Urban Forest . Photo İzmir Metropolitan Municipality \"healthy environment and the future \"in the name of one of the largest investments made , giving quietly length . 622 acres of land in the 2000s used as a place to dump rubble İnciraltı until now, which includes a lot of different tree species in \"a corner of paradise \"after return . Uckuyular extending to Cape Yenikale from the pier and Culture 3.5 navigation created in the field of solid size-walking and bicycle paths, which relax the fleeing Izmirliyan from the stress of city life was a very special haunt point. Photo Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 2006 from the work carried out under the jurisdiction since 21 thousand trees planted . Canadian poplar , mulberry, acacia, weeping willows , Mimosa I , the spindle , catalpa , palm trees, frankincense, ornamental plum, ornamental apple, maple, ash , rosaries , sycamore, lace , gladiçy to , Judas , driver , pine, cypress, Graville , lime and in addition to the magnolia tree oleander, sea buckthorn , blackberry , bay, Abelia , geranium, lavender, Lavant , snowball, I pitosp , jasmine, fire thorn , tamarisk , berberis and stones such as green dock with compatible plant species , it is a completely different spirit on the site of old rubble dump earned .

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