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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 09:32

Breathtaking in Gaziantep Midnight Terror Operation

Breathtaking in Gaziantep Midnight Terror Operation
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Gaziantep knowledge of future terrorists in two vehicles full of ammunition reaching the police were alerted .

Gaziantep news: Special operations teams , civil and official teams watchful hands with long-barreled guns chased the suspect vehicle . During the operation, gunshots were heard in the streets of Gaziantep moving minutes took place.
According to information obtained , Istanbul police, the terrorists full of ammunition in two separate drive from the city center were alerted when you receive future information . From the town of Gaziantep car at the entrance of the environment with special operations teams wearing safety vests hand of the police suspect vehicle watchful waiting. In civil and official team participating in operations with long-barreled weapons in the streets of Gaziantep moving clocks have happened. Breathtaking terrorists and ammunition gunshots were heard during the operation , there was a great panic . The city police suspect that holds all the inputs and outputs of two persons in the vehicle with his hands to catch the guard walked through the streets for hours in Gaziantep . Police found the suspect vehicle to allow the vehicle cornered in the neighborhood of Intellectuals . Police found the suspect in the vehicle also defuses detained . Tools yaklaştırılmazk anyone , the scene of a bomb disposal expert and crime scene investigation teams called. Police searched trained dog in the car, then the vehicle by means of attractive events taking place took me to the police headquarters to investigate . On the other hand , Gaziantep Police Chief Ali Gezer until late at night , along with protection operations teams coordinated by entering into was observed. Until the morning of the police traced the suspect vehicle .

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