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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:53

Briefings on the ATB

Briefings on the ATB
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Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry of National Agricultural Strategy Support of Rural Development Investment Program implemented under the 9th stage held a briefing on the implementation of about Antalya Commodity Exchange member .

Antalya news: Meeting on Food, Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Ahmet branched , Rural Development and Organization Branch Manager Izzet Kaş Mercantile Exchange Chairman Ali Çandır , ATB Parliament Speaker Hussein rock as well as a large number of members of ATB . Photo Antalya support Programme for Rural Development Investments to date, noted that implementation of 102 projects under the Economic Investment Manager Ahmet branched Food Agriculture and Livestock , said that £ 46 million grant is given. The upper limit for the past year the project amount Branched stating that 800 thousand pounds of investment so far this year 3 million pounds with papers reported will be accepted .
Under the program so far, with the support given to individual irrigation of 30 thousand acres of irrigated noted that branched , If the purchase machinery and equipment within the scope of the program to support said that 7 thousand 500 farmers to machinery and equipment distribution is performed. Photo Antalya priority of said branched pointed out that the determination of investment issues identified:
\"We have identified the priorities of our city . as we all know, Antalya highest provincial crop production value. that is why the packaging of herbal products , we have received the first order processing. second, we got coverage alternative energy greenhouses because of the center of the cloth of gold. also a topic of our modern fixed investments . Cattle will also be given longer support farming . in Antalya Mushroom important and those who want to invest in a position related to the scope mantarcılıkl support for the first time this year . For aquaculture and poultry farming will be no longer grant support . \"Providing information about Photo Project amounts Branched , \"herbal products , processing of animal products and aquatic products, packaging, and up to 3 million for investments for the storage cost of the project projects can be found in the application. Single upper limit of £ 1 million to 3 million other herbal products for the fresh fruit and vegetable crop production. Upper limit of £ 1.5 million for cattle breeding, poultry farming, mushroom cultivation and aquaculture for the upper limit was determined as £ 1 million . Investors projects amounting to half of the grant as it claims , \"he said .
Last year 17 projects that apply and commissions by all of these projects Branched that transmits appropriate, \"We want to support our investors unless there is a shortage in the project. We will give full grant support , where appropriate, the project until this year , \"he said .
REAL INVESTORS are ADMITTED Photo feasibility of pointing to the importance of including in the application of the person who has made good Branched , \"the really mind , which invested in the idea and we already wish not to apply the principles of those who make the investment decisions . Or not the right opportunity to invest with this approach. Results will not be very accurate , \"he said . Photo Rural Development and Organization Branch Manager Izzet Kas, ensuring the program's agro-industrial integration, the development of agricultural infrastructure , strengthening of food security , the creation of alternative sources of income , strengthening of small and medium-sized enterprises and rural communities drew attention to put into practice with the aim of establishing a certain capacity . Kas, program the construction of new facilities , capacity building and technology renewal , noted that enables the completion of partially invested . Photo Ahmet branched and Izzet Kas then answered questions about the support structures of the ATB members.

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