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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 17:35

Brochure terror alert force for university students

Brochure terror alert force for university students
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Mersin Police Department, the university and the students and their families by distributing flyers at the bus station stand off warns against terrorist organizations and drug traffickers.

Police teams of terrorist organizations and drug traffickers, family break and prepared to adapt to the social environment to another university chosen by identifying the target youth, their families and college students to raise awareness, bus station, railway station and crowded parts of the city led stand. This stands giving information about the city and university scholarship opportunities abroad and also describes the police, also warns students against terrorist organizations.

families and include the following information in the brochures that are distributed to university students :"T eror acquainted with new friends through youth organizations, associations, foundations, through approaches such formations. Civil society organizations operating in the present 're going to be a harbinger of a responsible adult. however, need to be aware of the illegal activities, stay away from buildings. enriched with non-governmental organizations working in the public interest based. illegal organizations, social aid, scholarships, student house, promising approach. Resource uncertain benefits do not."

If the features available to young people in the other terrorist organizations described

:"B ir wanting to be in the group, are traps set up young people who want to move with them. countries sensitive to the problems seen you, dear young people who want to solve problems need for self-actualization can be used by malicious entities. law under the rules of the path you will find thousands of ways to express yourself. loneliness is the most basic feelings of human beings to cope with one of the biggest problems in our lives, sometimes solely responsible for the goods. emotions used to this feeling of terror organizations. dangerous to get rid of loneliness Do not iron water."it adds.

Brochure terror alert force for university students" comments for.


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