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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:47

Broken leg in 9 Minutes Incoming Championship

Broken leg in 9 Minutes Incoming Championship
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European Kickboxing Championship finalist Yeliz Koblay national athletes , despite breaking his leg in the first seconds of the game, I did not leave the game.

İzmir news: National athletes with broken leg kick to even assign to certain weaknesses in the opponent was fighting champion 9 minutes. Yeliz Photo from the finals of the European Championship Kickboxing Koblay , world-famous Serbian Sanja Sueviç became champions by beating . Finale from Izmir broke up he kicked a result of national athletes in the right knee in the first seconds of the match . Young athletes despite breaking his foot in the final match to determine the champion , by fighting with 9 minutes broken foot Turkey to the championship moved. The ancestors even kick an opponent with
broken foot Koblay , \"I always prayed. \"You'd what God You broke my leg but enough champions event I'm trouble. Indeed, happened to me in the final match . he had 9 minutes minutes that a whole year's labor, is resolved . it was very important for us 9 minutes. fight for everything , goals, was the last step in achieving its objectives. God I won , thankfully \"he said.
< strong> with bROKEN lEG kICKS eVEN aT was Photo Match during the first stage does not realize that a broken leg and a broken foot to be certain the weakness of the opponent even kicking the national athletes Yeliz Koblay , it's moments like this told:Photo \"I am a human being fighting printed , I escaped to fight . I am a person who always forward fight. his game of saying to him I applied , I tried to throw the first round, it's hard to kick , I've fought the same way when disposing . his thick bone of the knee cover on my As that moment I thought my foot was broken. Very pain input . But the game, the atmosphere, the ambition , thinking the first year I continued effort and perseverance . My coach'Sir, I do not feel my feet , I think it's over'I said, smiling'smashed up his leg , you're already ahead of fight , \"he said . This time, spades, I focused on the championship. I felt the pain of fighting during the match but I thought like an ordinary pain. Duraklayın of pain I was feeling better. That's why I tried to stop. I tried to throw a kick for not providing more balance with my broken foot. A point in the match, he punched my opponent , I had to run back. So I swung my feet to kick , but keep that to myself at that moment when you feel as'Burnt in a way that end-and-run , get this game ,'I said . I throw my opponent with a broken foot kick out of necessity . But I was not aware at the time fracture . I just feel severe pain . Of course, my opponent in the meantime I'm trying not to çaktır it. I took my escape officially move to move my right foot . Then I became champion. It's a whole year, 9 minutes , minutes that were gained labor solution. It was very important for our 9 minutes. The fight everything, goals, was the last step in achieving its objectives. God gives it power , belief, and I got the feeling nothing in the final round for your work. I feel they raise my hand , even my championship . \"Photo OR prostrate on the Turkish flag Yeliz gained the
dream , match ends bitmez was prostrate , lay on the ground of the flag to get her back. Lived expression that can not describe the happiness Koblay , \"Every athlete goes through that . When the champion has a dream to be made . I also was prostrate or dream. And I prayed so much that I wanted to lie prostrate as doxology . I prostrate or immediately after circulating the flag because it was my biggest dream , and I prayed . I took our flag and I ran , I ran around the ring , I or prostrate. Then I even rolled over the future be , \"he said .
World second place , while the young athlete's goals with many championship in third place and international competitions in 2015 Kickboxing World Championships to be first . Yeliz describing smiling now also would pray more carefully before going to the championship match Koblay \"wised up now , I will do according to him my prayers ,\"he said . stating Photo Yeliz's kickboxing providing step into adventure and is next to the young athletes for 20 years coach Ali Osman Çopur if Yeliz's proud larger than success , \"pride in event. Coaches as we send our athletes abroad as our aim is to fight first thinking of the Turkish flag and national anthem, \"he said.

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