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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:06

Brother kills brother was captured with the Pump in Mersin

Brother kills brother was captured with the Pump in Mersin
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2 months ago in which he discusses his brother Mersin D. Ramadan pumped murder suspect wanted for allegedly killing his brother S.D. rifle , which came at the bus station to leave the city was captured by police teams.

Mersin news: The alleged killer of his brother , said his brother was accidentally killed it and regret it. Photo Mersin's central Mediterranean town of State Quarter two story house 31 August on 6005 Street 2014 on the night of incident , allegedly , sitting in the same building as the brother of Ramadan D. (42) , her mother is beaten Fehime D. brother suggested by S.D. ( 46) have discussed , S.D. on the discussion into a fight , spent shotgun in the hands of his brother D. Ramadan had 3 shots . The scene shot in the chest D. Ramadan had lost his life. A T is the older brother , he had worked in the garage crime tool implicated in the rifle with losses, crime tool shotgun , September 1, the date of the police team are conducting the investigation , was found in an area close to the murder scene. Photo Mediterranean County Public Security Directorate teams, suspect Ş.D simply use , caught as he was about to leave the city of Mersin Bus Station. Public Security Department Homicide Bureau to delivered S.D. , wherein the process of was referred to the court after completion . Photo suspects S.D. , the journalists removed from the Police Department to be taken to court , \"You killed why his brother \"on the question, stating that the regret , \"I killed by mistake . it was an accident ,\"he said .

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