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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:23

Btb President Özer Matlin:

Btb President Özer Matlin:
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According to the foreign trade statistics announced by the food industry continues to TSI net surplus in foreign trade.

Bursa news: Bursa Mercantile Exchange Chairman Ozer Matlin , \"Food and agriculture sector while exports more than imports makes an important contribution to reducing the deficit ,\"he said . Photo Matlin , the food industry of the 9-month period between January and September this year to 4 billion corresponds to the 193 million dollar imports by 8 billion 45 million dollars of exports , he recalled to 3 billion 852 million trade surplus . Photo Ozer Matlin , \"employees we employ approximately 25 percent of our population the food and agriculture sector made ​​$ 60 billion production. the first 9 months of total exports Ontario` is $ 9.7 billion . the agricultural exports in the same period of our city has been realized as 563 million dollars. Bursa agriculture showed an increase 13`lük percent compared to the same period of the year we are now . also the economic recession in different sectors, our city animal products exports is promising to pass on the rise . production in our economy, employment and exports in a very important share of food and agricultural aspect and Bursa plays an important role in reducing the current account deficit as an agricultural town , \"he said .
family businesses from the food and agriculture sector with also said that there are significant contributors to economic aspects Bursa Mercantile Exchange Chairman Ozer Matlin , of food and agricultural products exports in product and market diversification aspects of the sector's foreign trade , he added can be further increased .

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