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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:24

Budget Talks Continue

Budget Talks Continue
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President of the Provincial Assembly VACİT Durdubaş , spoke about the 20-day budget negotiations .

Zonguldak news: Photo Zonguldak City Council meetings while continuing 20-day President of the Provincial Assembly in the comments about VACİT Durdubaş budget negotiations , said that the £ 55 million estimated budget of Zonguldak . So that 60 of the budget by allocating end they express Durdubaş \"20 days to pass the budget and performance. So we put in our budget items should be included in performance. Performance will pass through parliament before the budget , according to him, we will finalize our budget. We have a 20-day study. Applied here 20 days proposals of the district of the provincial council of our budget investments to be made in Zonguldak dedicating national training approximately 20 percent of our budget. so we directorates of national education and other departments after putting here budgets will provide us programs. according to him, we will give way in our 20-day study. this year's special administrative budget of 55 million pounds. prepared as budget 50 percent of current expenditures over . We will pass on to friends with the budget commission and other friends of our it so that 60 is the average investment . in Pen'll make changes . There are some offers on Directorate in equipment purchases we need more budget allocation to them by cutting investment. We're currently in his work , \"he said .
WE ARE READY TO WINTER AS A SPECIAL ADMINISTRATIVE Photo Special administration as such it was in 2013. This year the winter months all preparations completed that expresses Durdubaş said:\"We equipment we are ready for winter now . The same as in past years will pave the way to opening the villages and city centers , we completed our preparations way . We put the budget items such as fuel equipment . We are definitely ready for winter. \"

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