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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 15:39

Building Inspection in Sakarya Figures Announced

Building Inspection in Sakarya Figures Announced
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By the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization Sakarya Sakarya in 2012 and 2013 figures were announced in the building inspection.

Sakarya news: By the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization Sakarya Sakarya in 2012 and 2013 figures were announced in the building inspection. First-degree earthquake zone that uses materials that are still missing in Sakarya, contrary to floor height of the building projects that did not fit and one by one were detected.
in 2012 directorate transferred to the file of the 21 units by the ministry, 7 of the site and desk audits during the four pieces of the Upon termination jobs, 2 of the relevant municipalities, including 34 buildings inspected were reported. The statement made in 2013, the complaint and the notice on the 22 units, construction sites and office audits during the four units, Upon termination jobs 3 by the Ministry, the first of a total of 30 pieces of the building inspection was learned.
26 building projects of taxpayers prepared projects zoning into compliance in 4 pieces of zoning development plan, zoning regulations and legislation compliance of 13 of the projects of the taxpayers of the project prepared the development plan, zoning regulations, in compliance with the standards of the control were reported.
of 22 projects floor area ratio (TAKS), and floor space coefficient (CACS) examined in terms of which one project total floor height more regulation, the first project of the garden from compliance, the second project in zoning in violation of the construction permit operation of taking control of the learned.
3 projects should be in the dugout, which is not the second project ground floor height should be more than that, six projects TAKS and kaks the plinth at the contradiction that a project also rise and development plans against the project arrangement that has been detected.
Review 17 for the project's architectural projects, 9 projects static project that is contrary to, one project without permission to work was started, five project safety report without editing the construction permit is received, the first project in the workplace delivery record before the work was started, six projects illegal and unlicensed as the construction is complete, the second project, the project against manufacturing structures was detected.
in the audits , 5 projects basement floor heights of more applied, two projects of different concrete class dump the one project lacking in reinforcement used was observed.
In 2012, 32 architects, 29 related administration, 25 projects payer, 23 control elements, 29 civil engineers, 7 help control element, 5 mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, three of the four company officials and deficiencies in the project and it was learned that the accused due to non-compliance.

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