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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 20:58

Bulent Arinc:U.S. make it seem to be an intervention

Bulent Arinc:U.S. make it seem to be an intervention
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Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, the use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians uluslaraları coalition against the Syrian regime that it will not be an intervention, an intervention will make it looks like the United States, he said.

decision by the UN Security Council, NATO no longer has to be in service, or the probability of the formation of a coalition of volunteers, Arinc said that Turkey wanted to intervene,"This is a conclusion that those who commit these atrocities occurring again bring up the kalkamamalı ."as expounded.

chaired by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister's New Building Council of Ministers has ended. At 15.00 The meeting started about 4 hours. Deputy Prime Minister and Government Spokesman, Bulent Arinc held a press conference after the meeting.

meeting mainly discussed the developments in Syria and Egypt, the Arinc, Transportation Minister Yildirim, Turkey's own satellites and aircraft Studies on the Prime Minister to make that information was passed.

Then journalists that U.S. President Barack Obama to intervene in Syria, on the question of 'Do not ask Congress' decision assessing Bulent Arinc, Erdogan attended the G-20 summit in Russia, both the Obama and Russia said that the idea of ​​a meeting with President Vladimir Putin. Arinc,"Already Obama would discuss some of the issues and of the need to tell him that the Prime Minister said. Putin be able to find one meeting there in the process? Foreign ministry work they're doing in this regard. U.S. President Barack Obama on the issue of sanctions on Syria How about bringing the public perception of the Congress is in a better identification of members of the press you will."she said.

Arinc, and then summed up the state to intervene in the emerging possibilities and reached :"21 A ​​ ğustos'ta was a chemical attack, more than a thousand people lost their lives. Kasyun The Mountain from the brigade commander of the army at the beginning of what is done by whom was made known that purpose. know that Obama, we also know, knows what you need to know. However, Turkey's insistence and foreign public opinion in anticipation of the UN delegation to examine the incident became known after 3.5 days. you the next day, or the second, third, over a period of days to examine more closely, so maybe the whole delileriyle tanınsaydı the whole world can say yes, I have information that they would have learned explanations of the committee today. however, a very serious evidence of subsequent investigations by forces loyal to his regime against its own people is known to be a murder committed in our opinion, Obama stated in his speech on this issue had reached a definitive kanaata. Such a murder in the name of humanity, in order to punish an act against the Syrian regime had to be made available. what can be done if the five permanent UN Security Council's approval of the first decision easily be fought this decision is receivable. But in spite of everything, innocent people die in Russia and China vetosuya security council rapmen not be able to spend it, then it does not look like it will undoubtedly be. Secondly, NATO countries to take a decision whether you will arrive to an agreement among themselves in such a sanction uygulayabilirlerdi . Unfortunately, NATO does not seem ready for the implementation of such a sanction. themselves think is relevant to direct. NATO is expected sanction. Thirdly, a coalition of volunteers from different countries that have been made before, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, a number of earlier intervention or action can not stand this pain come together in the face of sanctions to be expected of them. It does not seem likely at the moment, at least recently. President Obama's important speech, he highlights the important speech, to be punitive sanctions against the Assad regime response against the use of chemical weapons it U.S. seems to do. önceleyeceğini to the judgment of Congress, President Obama stated that, although their authority, it is a choice. terms of distribution by the Congress and the Senate, Obama took great courage despite the difference in a negative vote by Congress believes that such a decision could push. Decision keepers gone down that path. reasons for this are different. Both Republicans and Democrats both their internal policies and relations with the decisions taken in the past, it may indicate a need for the approval of Congress. When will this happen? something like this to come up from 9 September . How will you see the results of the voting will be discussions and intervention to do when everyone can see each one of these issues after September 9. One possibility is joining the G-20 summit was that in a short time can be a sanction. But since September 9 important for Congress subsequent developments in the whole book by that date will have to wait longer."

'POLITICAL RESULTS want to bring'

this issue of Turkey's Obama or any other authority of a country segregation may be noticeable Arinc,"wait and would like to bring a conclusion because of political regime put an end to the lives of more than a thousand chemical weapons. But this regime bread queues in 2.5 years, the children of believers who worship in mosques, houses up to 100 young people in the streets more than women claimed the lives of people."she said.


Arinc,"I just take for granted means of chemical weapons to kill from seeing that the bombings, missile throwing to forgive or not to see, not only to focus on chemical weapons is not very accurate. murder is murder. important thing is that the man's life. thousands of people lost their lives in a country where the political consequences if any of those who cause it are expected to be confronted. conclusion that the form of intervention in Syria will not be late Shoot in foster even more worrying are in chaos. Essentially, the change in the estimated period of time not to a predetermined number of times the target is not possible."he added.

'the perpetrators of this cruelty KALKAMAMALI up any more'

Deputy Prime Minister said,"We the people of Syria, at least this is a regime that oppresses the human conscience of the world after the event expect to be the tears flow and the rebellion. bring in a conclusion that this is a more up kalkamamalı commit these atrocities. But we can see that the management of the world, especially those in countries like politicians not had the gravity and seriousness of these events as needed. anyone ignore these issues, internal policies in their own country By 'does not work for me no matter what anyone else feel' could enter into. force that drives the usual stance of Turkey to protect consumers in this case. But Turkey is not in a position to do alone or wants to do. Therefore the external dynamics of international legitimacy and consensus on this issue we do expect to realize, ."said.


on another question that Turkey has fulfilled its duties to Syria, warning, doing interviews, weapon opened its arms to people fleeing, indicating that charges close to 2 billion Arinc,"Turkey against the burning fire, water, Squeezing busy. Own against the people against the regime, and will not fail to have expressed indifferent to the outside inside. Operations do, punishment should not be linked to using chemicals. 2.5 To prevent the survival of a regime that killed thousands of people 10 years of effective and need to be comprehensive.come to an end this persecution has to be effective and comprehensive. regime does not need to change, they say, this is a very vicious thought. Such opinion is not able to see the face of this event enough. Turkey We will continue to tell the truth. Minister of Foreign Affairs, doing interviews every day. taking a number of measures to strengthen the opposition in Syria. they like that they do not have the power to prevent it. Consequently, what should be done to obtain them görüşülüor outdoor. discussed these issues, I think the G-20 summit ."assessment.

Arinc finally the"UN, NATO had taken the decision could have a role in Turkey there. Volunteers were there if we have the resources within the framework of the coalition and serious role if you could buy. But such an operation is now the United States retained additional results decide alone., Turkey has to maintain peace abroad. Syria, where persecution or something if it was not distributed gas masks everywhere do not worry about such things. likelihood We hope that our citizens will be faced worse."she said.

He was kidnapped in Lebanon asked Arinc situation as it was before the Turkish pilots, pilots, and now they know where, but in accordance with the desire of families to take in a healthy way, and pilots did not do the operation, he said. it will be an intervention Arınç:alt="Bülent src="" it will be an intervention Arınç:alt="Bülent src="" it will be an intervention Arınç:alt="Bülent src=""

Bulent Arinc:U.S. make it seem to be an intervention" comments for.


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